Bryce Hall hits back at YouTuber Loey Lane over 2017 "peeing on fans" controversy - Dexerto

Bryce Hall hits back at YouTuber Loey Lane over 2017 “peeing on fans” controversy

Published: 21/Mar/2021 16:05 Updated: 21/Mar/2021 18:22

by Georgina Smith


TikTok star Bryce Hall has called out YouTuber Loey Lane for bringing up an incident where he urinated off a balcony at Playlist Live in 2017, citing him as the reason the event got banned in Washington DC.

Bryce Hall is one of TikTok’s most popular stars, with over 19 million followers on the platform. While he has a huge fanbase, he’s no stranger to a controversy, and in the past has been called out for things like rule-breaking parties, and was recently accused of cheating on girlfriend Addison Rae.

He also caused a stir back in 2017 at a Playlist Live event when he urinated off a balcony. At the time, many accused him of supposedly ‘peeing on fans,’ but in a video addressing the situation the TikToker clarified that it was 4 am, and there were no fans standing there at the time.


In a response to a tweet Bryce posted in which he claimed he was worth $10 million, YouTuber Loey Lane reminded people of what happened.

“Bryce Hall p*ssed off a balcony at Playlist Live DC years ago and collectively got the entire event banned from Washington DC,” she explained. “As in no hotel would ever host us again. Because Bryce Hall p*ssed off a balcony. Knowing full well fans were hanging out below.” In a follow-up tweet she wrote, “But yes, flex your wealth p*ss boy.”

The tweet received over 14,000 likes, and Bryce came back with a response of his own. “I’m glad that my actions as a 17-year-old boy still affect you and your cotton candy hair to this day… stay mad,” he said.


He then added, “it sucks that small / fallen off creators try to go viral by hating on me,” and told haters that, “if you wanna collab that bad just email my team and we’ll let you know my prices.”

In response to a commenter, the star also clarified that “I’ve apologized countless times for it, but everyone seems to forget and now gets mad when I reciprocate the same annoying energy back.”

Two of the people who were with Bryce at the event also clarified that the hotel in DC banned Playlist because people were throwing chairs through windows, saying, “it had nothing to do with Bryce.”


While the incident happened back in 2017, it’s one that seems to be brought up on a fairly regular basis.