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Bryce Hall high school wrestling match video goes viral on TikTok

Published: 17/Jun/2021 17:33

by Georgina Smith


A video of Bryce Hall losing a high school wrestling match has resurfaced on TikTok, following his loss to Austin McBroom at the YouTubers vs. TikTokers fight.

The ‘Battle of the Platforms’ event unexpectedly turned out to be a night to remember, with influencer fans and non-fans alike tuning in to see some of the biggest names in TikTok and YouTube fighting it out to determine the superior social media platform.

YouTube ended up taking home the most wins in a landslide victory, with TikTok scoring only one win out of the seven matches with Vinnie Hacker’s bout with Deji.


It was ultimately the ACE Family’s Austin McBroom that took home the big victory for the main fight against Bryce Hall. It’s known that Bryce has a past in wrestling, but following his big loss at the latest boxing event, people were keen to find out what his track record was.

Austin McBrook Praise Bryce Hall YouTube vs TikTok
Instagram: Austin McBroom / Bryce Hall
Bryce and Austin were the main fight of the whole event.

TikTok user ‘noahb.16’ has made several videos digging into the sporting past of different celebrities and TikTokers, and he set out to find how Bryce had performed in the past.

He got into contact with one of his former opponents, Austin Cestone, via Instagram, and said he managed to “get something a little better than just answers to questions.”


What he reveals is a video of who is assumed to be Bryce Hall in a wrestling match at a high school. The video occurs at the moment the round ends and sees people cheering for the winner after he beat Bryce.

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The person who is alleged to be Bryce doesn’t appear to be happy with the decision and throws his arms up in the air as he walks off.

The TikTok has 70,000 likes and over 500,000 views, with countless comments roasting the influencer’s performance. “He looked like he wasn’t even trying, he was just laying there,” one user wrote. Another said, “some things never change.”


So far, it doesn’t seem like Bryce has responded to the video to confirm that it’s really him, or give any context to the video. Regardless, thousands of viewers seemed to find it interesting getting a glimpse into the TikToker’s sporting past.