Bryce Hall calls out “embarrassing” Dave Portnoy over Lil Yachty roast - Dexerto

Bryce Hall calls out “embarrassing” Dave Portnoy over Lil Yachty roast

Published: 11/Dec/2020 11:15

by Jacob Hale


Barstool’s Dave Portnoy and TikTok star Bryce Hall have had a long-standing rivalry, and they’ve resurrected the beef once again after Portnoy called out Hall over the Lil Yachty situation.

For those who have been living under a rock, Bryce and rapper Lil Yachty have recently been beefing over a mention of Addison Rae in the Atlanta artist’s verse on track ‘E-ER’.

Although they now seem to have settled their beef, with Yachty apologizing for what went down and reiterating that he didn’t mean to cause any problems, Portnoy can’t quite settle his issues with Hall.


On December 10, a tweet from the BFFs podcast Twitter account went out — presumably from Dave himself — with a screenshot of Bryce listening to E-ER on Spotify. Then, obviously, it all kicked off, with Bryce calling Dave a “sad old man.”

He also added that “Creating a podcast with an 18 year old as a 50 year old man for clout is an embarrassing enough insult as is,” before saying that he “doesn’t even need” to roast the Barstool founder.

In classic Portnoy fashion, he came back accusing Bryce of “crying” because a recent guest said he looks like Sid, the sloth from Ice Age, and even offering some advice: “Less dancing in a mirror. Play more sports. Stop being a p**sy.”


Obviously, not one to back down, Bryce responded by calling Dave a “weird old f**k” who should be in a retirement home, and that he would “probably pull his back out” if he played more sports.

While Portnoy didn’t respond after this, instead both sets of fans are backing up their man on Twitter, and it has descended into chaos in their mentions.

Although one of Bryce’s best friends, Josh Richards, runs the BFFs podcast with Dave, it looks like we might not be seeing those two come together to do a podcast, or even just be civil any time soon.