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Best time to post on TikTok for more views and likes

Published: 8/Feb/2021 14:20

by Jacob Hale


TikTok has given a number of aspiring creators the opportunity to make a living off of their content, but if you’re still new to the platform, knowing when to post your videos can be hard.

Instinctively, you’ll likely want to post your videos as soon as they’re finished and in top shape. That might not be the best case, though.

Since TikTok has such a global audience, with videos discoverable in any region and at any time through its For You Page algorithm, you have to pay extra attention to detail when it comes to the times you post.


We’ve looked at some studies and deduced when the most effective times to post would be, but it’s worth considering the fact that your audience, the hashtags and sounds you use, and the actual content quality are all important factors.

Pixabay: Solen Feyissa
TikTok has given loads of aspiring creators a huge platform from which to thrive.

Best TikTok posting times

Influencer Marketing Hub put together a great study in July 2020 as to the best times to post on TikTok, with all factors considered.

According to them, these are the best times to post. These times are all in EST, and bolded times apparently offer even higher levels of engagement.

  • Monday: 6 AM, 10 AM, 10 PM
  • Tuesday: 2 AM, 4 AM, 9 AM
  • Wednesday: 7 AM, 8 AM, 11 PM
  • Thursday: 9 AM, 12 PM, 7 PM
  • Friday: 5 AM, 1 PM, 3 PM
  • Saturday: 11 AM, 7 PM, 8 PM
  • Sunday: 7 AM, 8 AM, 4 PM
chart best times to post on tiktok
Influencer Marketing Hub
This chart (times in EST) should help decide when to post.

Of course, there are more things to consider than just the time posted, as mentioned above. It’s well worth considering who your audience is, or who you’re targeting, to figure out the times they will be most likely to engage.


For example, if you’re based in the UK and find a majority of your views are from the UK, you might consider posting at times they won’t miss it. For example, 11 pm EST is 4 am GMT — not ideal.

As the study says, making a TikTok Pro account will let you know where your audience is located and check your analytics, giving you the best insight into when you should post.

As you start to build out an audience, it’ll become easier to know what to post and when, but for now, this should be used as a helpful guideline to get you going.