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Amouranth mocks new Twitch “meta” for women to increase viewers

Published: 28/Jan/2021 12:52

by David Purcell


Popular Twitch streamer Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa gets hundreds of thousands of people to join her broadcasts each month, and has revealed a new “meta” tip women are using on the platform to increase their tally. 

Best known for her dancing streams, Amouranth mixes up her content on a monthly basis to freshen things up. Whether it’s jumping into Minecraft for a few hours, one of the newer games on the market, or a swimming pool – you never know where her livestreams will go.

On January 27, she went shopping outside in one of her textbook in real life (IRL) streams.


This time, she was accompanied by fellow Twitch partner Devin Nash, who was asking questions as they took a look around.

amouranth twitch
Amouranth, Twitch
Amouranth is a variety streamer, known for her “Just Dancing,” workout, and even ASMR broadcasts.

Amouranth on Twitch ‘meta’

In one segment, Amouranth decided to open up on one of the latest trends she’s seen women streamers use, claiming that it’s almost guaranteed to work each time.

When asked about why she streams in her room, she said: “Better lighting and a bed when I run low on views. When I get low on views I can just lay there in the bed, that’s the new meta on Twitch for girls. Yeah, it is really.”


The next question from Devin, of course, was whether or not she deploys this same tactic herself. To which she responded: “Occasionally. Lately, I haven’t had to because my views have been pretty okay.” Swiftly, the conversation moved on and the focus turned back to the store’s products.

Based on 2020 statistics, the top female streamers were actually those who play video games regularly, rather than those in the ‘Just Chatting’ or other IRL categories exclusively. Valkyrae, a content creator for 100 Thieves on YouTube, took top spot, with Pokimane right behind her.

Whether or not this works for upcoming streamers trying to build a following, however, is up for discussion. Clearly, Amouranth thinks it’s part of the meta.