Amouranth believes Dr Disrespect “doesn’t know” Twitch ban reason after her ASMR drama - Dexerto

Amouranth believes Dr Disrespect truly “doesn’t know” Twitch ban reason after her ASMR drama

Published: 22/Jun/2021 8:21

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa now believes that Dr Disrespect “doesn’t know the exact reason” for his controversial Twitch ban after having a “bizarre day” that isn’t “super related” to her latest ban.

Guy ‘Dr Disrespect’ Beahm’s permanent Twitch ban shocked the world when it was first announced in June 2020. And the strangest part is, even though it happened about a year ago, nobody knows the reason why – not even the Doc himself.

Like many people, Amouranth, who only just had a temporary Twitch ban lifted following a series of ‘provocative’ ASMR streams, assumed that Dr Disrespect does know the reason for his ban but has been withholding the truth.


But after having a “bizarre day,” she posted a cryptic tweet telling followers that she’s changed her mind and now believes he might be telling the truth.

Instagram: @drdisrespect / YouTube
Dr Disrespect found a new home on YouTube after his Twitch ban.

“Bizarre day for me. I now think it is totally possible Dr Disrespect actually doesn’t know the exact reason for his ban,” she said. “Previously, I shared the sentiment ‘no way he doesn’t know,’ but the events of today…”

Amouranth added that it wasn’t “super related” to her own ban and implied that she would elaborate on it more during her next stream. However, it has since gone live, and she hasn’t expanded on her initial comments.


Amouranth’s tweet has re-ignited discussions surrounding Dr Disrespect’s ban. Some believe he has some idea about what lead to the ban, even if Twitch hasn’t specified it, but chooses not to talk about it. Others insist that he would have said something by now if he knew.

Either way, it’s all hearsay until something with substance comes to light. If Amouranth does clarify what she meant in her tweet, we’ll update this piece.