Alpharad hilariously performs Ninja’s worst tweets in viral ‘Copypasta Theatre' - Dexerto

Alpharad hilariously performs Ninja’s worst tweets in viral ‘Copypasta Theatre’

Published: 15/Jul/2021 13:53

by Lauren Bergin


Esports tournament organizer turned YouTube star Jacob ‘Alpharad’ Rabon IV has gone viral for his ‘Copypasta Theatre’ video where he dramatically acts out some of Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins most infamous tweets. 

As Super Smash Bros sensation Alpharad continues to blossom on YouTube, he’s gone viral after creating a video called ‘Copypasta Theatre.’

Set on the dimly lit stage that would be used for a future production of the iconic musical ‘Rent,’ the king of fighting games made his debut alongside a varied cast of content creators. Their mission was to create a performance unlike any other: they’d be reading out some of Twitch’s most scandalous copypasta.


And that’s exactly what they did, but to bring a truly artistic flavor to this incredibly unique performance, Alpharad went one step further by dramatically reading out tweets from Twitch behemoth, Ninja. Cue the spotlight, folks.

Alpharad copypasta theater show
Twitter: Alpharad
Alpharad and company delivered a performance quite unlike any other.

Ninja’s classics in theater

Standing on top of the stage’s upper walkway, he stalks onto the stage before slamming his hand down on the set’s railing.

“The phrase ‘it’s just a game,’ is such a weak mindset,” he exclaims, a quote from Ninja’s iconic 2020 tweet. “You are OK with what happened, losing, imperfection of a craft… There’s always something to learn, and always room for improvement, never settle,” he concludes.


Going on to mimic the now-deleted tweet about NFL kickers missing shots despite being at the top of their game, one of Alpharad’s colleague stands up and blasts him with the response: “I’ll never understand how pro Fortnite players just… miss shots. I feel like there has to be pools of pro players who can just click on their heads and hit every shot with 100% accuracy, just seems so SILLY.”

Again Alpharad uses the metal set to his advantage, cutting the hater off with a stomp of his feet and a snappy “this is the s**ttiest reply ever.”


With a dramatic jump down the stairs he concludes his segment by referencing yet another deleted tweet. This one, however, set the world ablaze when it dropped back in early 2021.

“I am in the middle of carrying a League of Legends game about to close it out, and my bra-less wife brings me a sandwich (not asked for) with chips as I get a double kill bot lane,” Alpharad announces. “So, how’s your day going?”

With almost 10k likes at the time of writing, and the YouTube video already over half a million views in a few days, Alpahrad’s hilarious antics have been a hit. Ninja meanwhile, is yet to respond.


Move over Shakespeare, there’s a new performer in town, and there’s none of that “it’s just a game” mentality in sight, he’s here to play.