Alissa Violet shades Erika Costell on BFFS Podcast: "I don't know who that is" - Dexerto

Alissa Violet shades Erika Costell on BFFS Podcast: “I don’t know who that is”

Published: 28/Oct/2021 21:28

by Virginia Glaze


Influencer and model Alissa Violet hit out at fellow model and creator Erika Costell in an episode of the BFFs Podcast, channeling her inner Mariah Carey.

The beef between Alissa Violet and Erika Costell has entered a new chapter after years of tension amid the two stars. Both are influencers and models in their own right, and each had a mutual involvement in Jake Paul’s Team 10 back in the day.

Both women also hold the title of being Jake Paul’s ex-girlfriends, and Violet has made no bones about her negative opinion of Costell throughout the years — something that was brought up during an October 27 episode of the BFFs Podcast.


When hosts Josh Richards and Dave Portnoy asked about her thoughts on Costell, Violet answered their question with a Mariah Carey-inspired moment: “I don’t know who that is.”

alissa violet new york vlog
YouTube: Alissa Violet
Alissa Violet is a YouTuber and model who once dated influencer-turned-boxer Jake Paul.

Alissa Violet explains her beef with Erika Costell

“She was Jake’s assistant, and then it turned out they were banging the whole time,” she elaborated. “She was my best friend, and now it’s just like, ‘Ehh, you’re gross.'”

“It’s been five years, so I’m just f**k it, whatever!” she continued.

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This is far from the first time Violet has hit out at Costell in such a way. Most notably, in 2018, Violet compared Costell’s career to a “cockroach” she saw during a vlog. Costell appeared to respond to the callout with a tweet, writing: “Damn Satan, who hurt you?”


As previously mentioned, both content creators once dated Jake Paul. After parting ways with Violet in 2017 — who later claimed that Paul was “mentally and emotionally” abusive toward her — Jake began dating Costell.

He and Costell broke up in 2018, with Erika refusing to comment on the situation. Paul went on to date and “marry” YouTuber Tana Mongeau, who was shocked to find her new “hubby” taking lunch with Costell shortly after their “marriage” (which ended a few months later).

Jake Paul meets Erika Costell after breakup
YouTube: Jake Paul
Jake Paul has met up with ex-girlfriend Erika Costell a few times after their split, although nothing has been officially confirmed between the former couple.

In spite of all the events that have transpired over the years, it looks like Violet is still lukewarm on her former bestie, who has yet to comment on her thoughts at the time of writing.