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Adin Ross hides under desk in fear of “gunshots” during Twitch stream

Published: 11/Jun/2021 17:14

by Jacob Hale


Adin Ross was left terrified during a Twitch stream after thinking he heard gunshots outside, even hiding under his desk in fear.

Adin Ross has no doubt become one of the biggest names on Twitch, with 2021 being a real breakout year for the star who currently lives with top influencers like Mike Majlak, FaZe Banks, Ricegum and Sommer Ray.

A leak in June 2021 suggested that he and his crew were even earning around $2m a month from a gambling sponsorship with Roobet, so he’s definitely living well in the infancy of his career.

He’s known for being entertaining and, at times, not the sharpest tool in the shed, and that side of him shone through during this funny moment in his stream.


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Instagram: adinross
Adin has definitely managed to make a decent living for himself with his Twitch rise.

At the time of the incident, Adin was staying in a beautiful house in Mexico with his housemates, creating content from there.

While it’s mostly all been fun and games, late in his June 10 stream, Adin was distracted by loud bangs coming from outside of their home, immediately looking scared.

Taking off his headphones, Adin asked “Was that gunshots outside?” Looking horrified for a moment, he started walking around his room saying “Holy f**k!” and even appeared to take refuge under his desk until the realization hit.

“Oh, it’s fireworks!” he proclaimed as the situation became a little clearer, and far less scary, coming out from under his desk.


“Oh my god, it’s fireworks, I hear them,” he said, relieved. “How scary was that?!”

Luckily, Adin and co. got out unharmed, and his chat got a tremendous laugh out of it all too.