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100 Thieves hit huge Twitter milestone despite JhbTeam breaking everything

Published: 6/Aug/2021 2:32 Updated: 6/Aug/2021 2:20

by Brad Norton


100 Thieves just soared past one million followers on its primary Twitter account all while ‘Senior Intern’ JhbTeam did his best to disrupt efforts, even costing the brand its verified checkmark on the social media platform.

100 Thieves continues to reach new milestones as one of the fastest-growing brands in gaming today. One such milestone came on August 5 as the official 100 Thieves Twitter account reached one million followers.

Under normal circumstances, this accomplishment would have been something to celebrate. However, 100 Thieves reached this goal during one of the more chaotic moments in the brand’s history.

Content creator turned ‘Senior Intern’ JhbTeam was left in charge of the account during this stretch. With the 19-year-old calling the shots, all hell broke loose as 100 Thieves cleared the million follower mark.


“Hey everyone, 100 Thieves Social Media Manager here,” the 100Thieves account posted on August 4. “I’m going on vacation for a week and leaving Senior Intern JhbTeam in charge.

“We have a ton of faith in him to succeed, but I’d just settle for him not breaking anything while I’m gone.”

Things started rather innocently, with JHB posting his typical cringe memes and even a dig at Nadeshot’s infamous HBR moment. Two days into his social media stint though, and it all came crashing down.

“Oh no…” the 100Thieves account shared on August 6. It turns out, JHB changed the account’s name temporarily “for a screenshot.” In doing so, he caused the official brand account to lose its Twitter verification.


“Actually fired,” BrookeAB replied. “Like actually,” 100 Thieves co-owner CouRage added. Just about every content creator and staff member under the org’s umbrella took notice and the incident soon went viral.

“We need help,” Nadeshot followed up, tagging Twitter founder Jack Dorsey. “Please, I’m begging you.”

Whether staged or not, these antics led to a surge in followers for the primary 100 Thieves Twitter account. Amidst the ‘backlash,’ JHB successfully cleared the one million follower mark while in control of the profile.

100 Thieves Twitter
Twitter: 100Thieves
JhbTeam changed the account tag from ‘100Thieves’ to ‘100TJHBs.’

At a glance, there’s no denying this incident is hilarious.

But given the relationship between 100 Thieves and Twitter, with Twitter owner Jack Dorsey also serving as the CEO of Cash App, a major sponsor of 100 Thieves, it’s safe to assume all will be back to normal and the verified tick will return in a matter of days.


After all, it’s far from the first time 100 Thieves has meddled with Twitter verifications, and there’s every chance it won’t be the last.