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How to get the Destiny 2 Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack

Published: 24/Aug/2021 20:09

by Bill Cooney


Destiny 2 will be getting a brand new content pack for Bungie’s 30th anniversary. Here’s everything in it, and what you need to know to grab it yourself.

All eyes were on the reveal of the new Witch Queen expansion for Destiny 2 on August 24. But during the premier, Bungie also announced a new content pack celebrating the studio’s 30th anniversary later this year.

Along with one of the most legendary weapons in all of Destiny, it will also include a ton of cosmetics, armor, and much more. So, let’s go over everything that’s included, and how to pick up the anniversary pack.


How to get the Destiny 2 Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack

The Claymore from Myth is included in the pack, and looks perfect for some slicing and/or dicing.

You can pre-order the 30th Anniversary Pack for Destiny 2 right now on Steam or on the Xbox or Playstation stores, whichever you play on.

The Bungie pack currently costs $24.99 (£18.20) no matter where you purchase it, and there’s no sign that will change before release.

What’s in Bungie’s 30th anniversary Destiny 2 pack


The Gjallarhorn is back in Destiny 2, and looking better than ever.

First and foremost, we have to talk about the Gjallarhorn. This exotic rocket launcher from the original game in the series is being added to Destiny 2 for Bungie’s anniversary. It’s unknown whether or not it will be available for players who don’t get the pack at this point, either.

Want even more Gjallarhorn? Well, the anniversary pack also includes an awesome-looking Sparrow with the weapon’s gold wolf livery. You’ll have a tough time finding a better-looking way to speed around than this.



Just try and find a better-looking Sparrow in Destiny 2. We’ll wait.

Those who purchase the pack will also get access to a new “pirate-themed” Dungeon as well. You’d think this would be space pirate-themed, but we wouldn’t count out Bungie including the nautical variety either.

The Thorn-inspired Armor Set you can see in the header image of this article will also be included, along with some special Bungie-themed ornaments and cosmetics.

Finally, players who get the pack will also receive the Claymore Sword from Myth to use in Destiny 2, which looks perfect for cutting up enemies left and right.

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen doesn’t come out until February 22, but the Bungie Anniversary Pack will come out on December 7. With all the new content, it should be a nice little early holiday present for players who decide to pick it up.