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Destiny 2 server status: Is Destiny down?

Published: 23/Sep/2021 11:55 Updated: 24/Sep/2021 21:16

by Connor Knudsen


Every so often, Destiny servers go down in order to perform scheduled maintenance or implement updates into the game. Here’s everything you need to know to stay on top of these updates.

Destiny 2 remains one of the most frequently updated and immersive looter shooters on the market today, with a constant flow of new and exciting updates for guardians to get lost in.

But, with that slew of new content comes the need for, you guessed it, server maintenance and downtime.

Lucky for you, we’ve simplified the process of finding out when, why, and for how long Destiny will be offline.


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Destiny 2 continues to provide more and more content for fans to enjoy

Destiny 2 Server Status

Servers are live!

Currently, there is no maintenance being done on Destiny servers, so feel free to hop in and knock out those weekly quests.

Bungie recently rolled out Hotfix, which caused some downtime on the 23rd of September. As for what’s included in that patch, expect a series of bug fixes. Players have noticed Trials of Osiris gear can’t be Masterworked in some instances, while Nightfall scoring isn’t counting towards a Triumph, too.

Dexerto will continue to update this page in the event of any new server issues or downtime.

Additional server maintenance resources

To stay up-to-date on the status of Destiny servers, readers can bookmark this article and come back to it as a reference point. Otherwise, if you’re on Twitter, consider following @BungieHelp for constant updates on the game, including downtime, patch notes, or any other such updates.


Another helpful tool is Bungie’s Help site, as mentioned previously. Here, players can click on “Network Troubleshooting” to access anything server-related, and also have quick access to guides, forums, and lots of other useful content related to navigating Destiny 2.