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Destiny 2 players slam Bungie over “ridiculous” 30th Anniversary Pack price tag

Published: 24/Oct/2021 20:18 Updated: 24/Oct/2021 20:22

by Julian Young


Already facing pushback from the Destiny 2 community over the decision to lock new dungeons behind the Witch Queen Deluxe Edition, Bungie is now being blasted by players over the price of the game’s 30th Anniversary Pack.

Destiny 2’s upcoming Witch Queen expansion looks to be a major turning point for the looter-shooter franchise, introducing massive ability changes, the addition of weapon crafting, and a campaign that will strike fear into the hearts of Guardians.

Before fans get their hands on the game’s next major expansion, however, they still have Bungie’s 30th Anniversary celebration to look forward to — an event where players can pay homage to both the legacy of the studio and its flagship title.


Despite the hype surrounding the event, there is plenty of discontent swirling as well — and the community has now shared their frustration with the Anniversary Pack’s price tag, which some argue is “ridiculous” when considering the content on offer.

Destiny 2 30th Anniversary Pack Gjallarhorn Exotic Rocket Launcher Close Up
The 30th Anniversary Pack features the return of Destiny’s beloved Gjallarhorn.

Destiny 2 players outraged over 30th Anniversary Pack price

The community’s unease over the pack’s price tag began to spread in the wake of another controversy: Bungie’s decision to lock the Witch Queen’s dungeons behind the game’s Deluxe Edition, priced out at $80 USD.

After players slammed the developer’s response to those concerns, they turned their anger towards the game’s 30th Anniversary Pack, currently scheduled to release in December at the price of $25 USD.


“This is nearly the price of an entire expansion, and all you get is one dungeon, one exotic, and some items that won’t have much effect on gameplay,” a popular post on the Destiny 2 subreddit pointed out.

“Events are always free,” the poster continued, “[But] now they’re releasing an event with a paywall. This is less than a single season’s worth of content for triple the price? How is this actually real?”

$32 CAD for a dungeon, an exotic, and some other items from DestinyTheGame

Fellow players were quick to agree with the post’s sentiment. “It’s overpriced, and I feel like there’s no guarantee of how long this stuff will even be in the game,” one comment read, referring the removal of previously purchased content via the Destiny Content Vault.


Even individuals from outside the game’s community voiced their disbelief: “I don’t play Destiny so I’m uninformed of its pricing structure. I do know that there are plenty of excellent, feature-full games that you can get for less than $32.”

“[This] seems extremely ridiculous from someone on the outside looking in,” the comment ended.

It remains to be seen how Bungie will respond to the complaints about the pack’s price tag, if at all, but for now the Destiny 2 community seems to be less-than-thrilled with the offering included in the Anniversary event.