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Destiny 2 Gambit Showdown Stream – ft. Luka Doncic, Vic Mensa, DrLupo and More!

Published: 31/Aug/2018 18:00 Updated: 31/Aug/2018 18:08

by Vincent Genova


Bungie is showcasing their brand new mode Gambit by playing a celebrity match with top artists, athletes and entertainers.

The Gambit Showdown will be live on Bungie’s Twitch channel, embedded in this article, at 1:00PM PDT.

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Destiny 2 Gambit Showdown Teams

Alpha Team

  • Zach LaVine – NBA Player
  • Vic Mensa – Recording Artist
  • SchviftyFive – Variety Streamer
  • True Vanguard – Destiny Streamer

Bravo Team

  • Luka Doncic – NBA Player
  • Dillon Francis – Recording Artist
  • Di3sel – Variety Streamer
  • Ms5000Watts – Destiny Streamer

The teams are an even split of NBA athletes, singers, streamers and Destiny specialists. Hosting the event will be Mtashed and Drlupo, two content creators who broke out thanks to Destiny content.

Bungie’s Community Manager Deej, who is the regular host of Destiny streams, will also have a hand in Gambit hosting duties.

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What is Destiny 2’s Gambit?

Gambit is an all new mode that combines the PvP and PvE sides of Destiny 2.


There are two teams of four that play in separate arenas against PvE enemies. Once enough enemies are defeated, a portal will open that allows a player from your team to go into the other team’s arena to distract and engage in PvP combat.

A PvE boss will spawn on your side after 75 eliminations and the first team to take it out will win the round. The first team to win two rounds will win the Gambit match.

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Gambit will be free for all players of Destiny 2 on September 1 for 24 hours. After the free trial, Gambit will require the Forsaken expansion to play.


Destiny 2 Gambit Showcase Livestream

Watch live video from Bungie on