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Clan Luminous crowned Deep Stone Crypt World’s First raid race winners

Published: 23/Nov/2020 1:35 Updated: 23/Nov/2020 1:42

by Isaac McIntyre


Clan Luminous has become the latest Destiny 2 Fireteam to be crowned World’s First winners by Bungie, after the new belt-holders cleared “Deep Stone Crypt,” the new Beyond Light raid, in just under five and a half hours.

World’s First races are the pinnacle of Destiny 2 competition, with hundreds of thousands tuning in with each new expansion to watch the title challenge. Beyond Light’s expansion raid was no different, as Guardians delved into the darkness of Deep Stone Crypt.

In the end, however, only one Destiny 2 fireteam can be victorious. This time around, it was Clan Luminous, who were crowned World’s First champs on Nov. 22.


The adventure into Deep Stone Crypt was a challenging one, and a host of fireteams were in the World’s First race right to the final bell. Luminous’ five hour, 29 minute clear claimed them the crown, but they were only minutes ahead of their rivals.

Saltagreppo’s fireteam clocked in at five hours, 41 minutes, while past winners ‘The Legend Himself’ dialed in with a speedy five hours, 44 minutes in third.

Other high-profile competitors included Gigz, who claimed the Scourge of the Past World’s First with Tier1, and Twitch star Gladd, who finished in 33rd with his usual Destiny fireteam after a hefty six-hour, 47-minute effort in the new raid.


Controversy shadows Luminous’ raid title

As seems to be the case with many World’s First titles in Destiny 2, controversial claims have already begun to emerge. Some have suggested Clan Luminous used “cheating methods” in a manner that allowed them to speed through the raid.

Others suggested they simply “refused to accept the result,” and one Twitter user called for Bungie to strip the World’s First title from “a bunch of cheaters.”

Bungie investigates all World’s First title runs before handing out the belt, and this year even delayed the official crowning until Sunday for better verification. If the Destiny 2 devs do report any misconduct, we’ll update this article.


The new Beyond Light raid, Deep Stone Crypt, is now open.
The new Beyond Light raid, Deep Stone Crypt, is now open for Guardians to explore.

Deep Stone Crypt World’s First raid race: top 5 placements

Destiny 2 Clan Fireteam Raid Clear Time
Luminous Aoterra, Claw, Flux, Sotosolice, Schendize, SiegeDancers 5hrs, 29m, 10s
Elyisum Saltagreppo, goghvan, Mattster, TheLastMeme, STULSHY!, Kyros 5hrs, 41m, 57s
The Legend Himself disco, Gaffer, tcibz, Slayerage, Duddeguy, qwiik 5hrs, 44m, 12s
Saber’s Fireteam CraZyKiLLerM16, ImUnreachable, SSScrub, Jhaz, Meksis, Saber 5hrs, 45m, 51s
TeamThrow TobineChan, obkatiekat, bagel batter, Haffi210, UsuallyGaming, snareshane 5hrs, 53m, 18s