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How to get Cyberpunk 2077’s best katana

Published: 21/Dec/2020 16:50

by James Busby


The Satori katana is one of the strongest weapons in Cyberpunk 2077, but it is incredibly easy to miss. However, some savvy players have discovered an exploit that enables you to claim this powerful sword after the opening act. Here’s how it works.

Melee builds are some of the most devastatingly powerful in Cyberpunk 2077 thanks to their incredible attack speed, general mobility, and ludicrous critical hit chance. Due to this, the katana has become one of the most popular weapons. However, if you wish to be the most powerful sci-fi samurai Night City has ever seen, then you’ll want to get your hands on the Satori katana. 


This Legendary sword has the highest critical multiplier in the entire game, enabling players to kill enemies with just one lethal slice. Even Cyberpunk’s toughest foes will cower as you slice and dice them. Whether you’re a dedicated melee-focused build or just wanting to see how powerful the katana is, this guide will show you how to add the Satori to your collection. 

How to get Cyberpunk 2077’s best katana

CD Projekt Red
The Satori offers incredible amounts of crit chance.

Cyberpunk 2077’s Night City is brimming with all kinds of deadly weaponry that V can use in their fight against Arasaka, but the Satori blade is incredibly easy to miss the first time around. This legendary katana is located at the very top of Konpeki Plaza and is obtainable during The Heist mission. 


If you failed to get the Satori during the game’s prologue, then you’ll want to use either of the methods below. Before we begin, make sure V is equipped with the Reinforced Tendons (double jump) and Kerenzikov implant (slows down time). These handy Cyberware mods can be fitted at any Ripperdoc, so make sure you do this before attempting any of the methods below. 

After you’ve obtained both implants, simply fast travel over to California & Cartwright, which is directly southwest of Watson. Head over to the Drop Point on the left side of the map and dive into the water. Swim around the Konpeki Plaza wall and climb ashore. Once you’ve done that, follow either of the two methods below. 


Fastest method

Cyberpunk 2077 glitch
CD Projekt / TagBackTV
If you’ve done the weapon switch glitch, your screen should look like the above.

The quickest way to claim the best katana can be pretty difficult to nail down, but if you get the movements right, you’ll be using the Satori in a matter of minutes. 

In order to grab this powerful sword for yourself, you’ll first need to do the following:  

  1. Head around to the left side of the Konpeki Plaza.
  2. Walk up to the third pillar.
  3. Change the time of day to later in the evening.
  4. Equip a katana.
  5. Position your camera so that you’re looking directly up the pillar.
  6. Cycle the katana with Alt and scrolling down on the mouse wheel, or Y /Triangle on controller.

If pulled off correctly, your katana will disappear from your view. Simply mash the left mouse button/trigger button as fast as you can. This will cause V to fly up the side of the building, enabling you to claim the Satori at the top. 

With the Satori in hand, it’s time to plunge into the ocean below. Doing this can take a few tries, so make sure you save before taking the leap of faith. In order to land into the ocean below, simply head over to the right of the helipad and activate the Kerenzikov ability. 


To do this, simply aim down your gun’s sights, hit the dodge button, and let go of the aim button. Doing this will give V insane amounts of movement speed, so use this technique and combine it with a jump to land in the ocean below. 

Most reliable method

Cyberpunk 2077 car
CD Projekt / TagBackTV
You can also use this exploit to glitch through other buildings in Night City.

If you’re struggling with the mechanics of the first method, then you’ll want to use this one instead. It takes a little more time but it much easier. 

  1. Head around to the left side of the Konpeki Plaza.
  2. Call a car to your position.
  3. Park the car as close as you can to Konpeki Plaza’s main entrance, while still being able to exit the vehicle on the left.
  4. Get out of the car.

This can take a few goes to get right, but if done correctly, you’ll be able to glitch yourself through the door and into the building. Once inside, simply make your way to the top and using the double jump from the Reinforced Tendons. 


Once you’ve reached the top and claimed the Satori, simply use the Kerenzikov technique above to return to the ground. 

So there you have it, two ways you can get your hands on the best katana in Cyberpunk 2077.