Young CS:GO star ZywOo gives hilarious interview as he is too shy to speak at FACEIT London Major – Dexerto

Young CS:GO star ZywOo gives hilarious interview as he is too shy to speak at FACEIT London Major

Published: 23/Sep/2018 16:28 Updated: 23/Sep/2018 22:39

by Calum Patterson


A young CS:GO player, Mathieu ‘ZywOo’ Herbot, tipped by many to be one of the next great players, was invited to play in the showmatch at the FACEIT London Major – but was almost too nervous to speak.

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Before and after the match, the stage host Freya Spiers was speaking to the lineups of each roster for the showmatch, which took place before the grand final.

However, when she got to asking ZywOo a question about what it was like being on stage in front of all the fans, the only answer he could think of was “I don’t know”.

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But Spiers didn’t give up, going back to ZywOo to give him another chance and asking him what he thought about teammate ShahZam’s game plan of “trolling” with Zeus x27’s.

ZywOo gave his answer a little more thought on this occasion, but ultimately, stuck to his tried and tested “I don’t know” – a true wordsmith.

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In fairness to the 17 year old Frenchman, english isn’t his first language, and that coupled with the stage fright probably threw him off.

However, he quickly started to play along with his own joke, as the crowd were loving his short answers. When asked “ZywOo, have you got anything to add”, he kept it short and sweet – “no.”

And finally, after the match was all said and done (and ZywOo’s team had won 19-15), Spiers gave the future star another opportunity to speak to fans and surely this time he would have something to say.

But, he remained stoic as ever, simply replying “no” once again, to the amusement of the packed crowd at the Wembley SSE Arena.

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ZywOo has been linked with moves to many top organizations, but turned them down to focus on his schoolwork. He is currently signed to Against All Authority, but many predict big things in his future.

With the showmatch out of the way, attention quickly turned to the main event, the grand final between Na’Vi and Astralis. You can watch all the action from the FACEIT London Major here.