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Why CadiaN could be the next Gla1ve | Richard Lewis reacts at ESL Pro League

Published: 15/Mar/2021 17:30 Updated: 16/Mar/2021 12:12

by Ava Thompson-Powell


Heroic have been in fine form in ESL Pro League Group A, beating the likes of BiG & FPX thanks to the work of in-game leader cadiaN, which is earning high praise from Richard Lewis. 

Casper ‘cadiaN’ Møller has had a career filled with undoubted highs and lows, but after the maturity that he’s shown in recent months, Richard has likened his journey to Astralis leader Lukas ‘gla1ve’ Rossander’s. Adding that Casper has done some unbelievable work with Heroic, that, mixed with their roster additions of Rasmus ‘sjuush’ Beck & Ismail ‘refrezh’ Ali, could see them back in the big leagues soon.

While the team previously performed relatively well, Lewis felt like nobody was “truly sold” on them being a top team, capable of dominating every tournament they enter.

However, the roster change has bagged the team a win at every series they’ve entered since, even beating Cloud9 without dropping a single map in the DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 Closed Qualifiers.

While CadiaN, as Richard states is arguably “a bit of a meme”, it can be tough to pit him against fellow Danes such as gla1ve, Mathias ‘MSL’ Lauridsen, and potentially, Benjamin ‘blamef’ Bremer, with people not “taking him seriously. As Richard says: “He’s done unbelievable work with this Heroic roster since he came in as the IGL.”

For Lewis, the Dane is reinventing his playstyle, and getting back on form to this previous career-high, only going into the negative a couple of times.

In comparison, gla1ve went through a similar career path before ending up at the point fans everywhere known and respect today. CadiaN “knows what he’s doing” and is on a similar route.

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