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The Most Embarrassing Chokes in CSGO History

Published: 26/Jun/2021 18:01

by Julian Young


Whether it’s vs Gambit at IEM Katowice 2021, FaZe vs Team Liquid at Starseries, or Cloud9 vs FaZe in 2018, CSGO has seen plenty of embarrassing chokes on the big stage — here are some of the worst ever in Counter-Strike history.

While CS:GO is known for its flashy moments and insane clutches, there are always teams that find themselves on the other side of that coin. But with so many squads crashing and burning at the worst possible moment, who makes the list of biggest CS:GO chokes ever?

From Team Liquid crumbling under the pressure against Luminosity at MLG Columbus, to PENTA’s amazing upset against iBuyPower, and everything else in-between, we’ve rounded up the most embarrassing chokes in the game’s history!


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