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Shroud reveals Respawn considered adding CS:GO-style economy system to Apex Legends

Published: 14/May/2019 23:55 Updated: 15/May/2019 0:36

by Albert Petrosyan


Respawn Entertainment were apparently considering adding an economy system in Apex Legends early one, according to Twitch superstar Michael ‘shroud‘ Grzesiek.

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Upon its release, Apex Legends introduced a variety of novelties to the world of battle royale, such as its Ping System and the ability for players to respawn teammates that had been fully eliminated.

However, it appears that Respawn did not want to stop there, as they were thinking about adding an economy system, much like in CounterStriker: Global Offensive.

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This comes according to Shroud, who, of course, has been privy to a lot of insider information about the Apex Legends, starting from when he and other prominent streamers were invited by Respawn and EA to try the game prior to its release. 


“There’s another idea that Apex had a while back,” he said on stream. “They were thinking of ‘what about adding an economy system in pro matches, where you have ten rounds, and in those ten rounds, you buy in. It’s like you’re playing CounterStrike at the beginning, before you jump in.”

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How the economy system works in CS:GO

The way the economy system works in CS:GO is that players get a certain amount of cash to spend on weapons and items at the start of each round.

That cash total gets increased each round depending on how the player and their team perform in that round, taking into factors such as the number of eliminations, whether the round was won or lost, etc…


Obviously, the more cash a player has to spend at the start of each round, the better weapons, explosives, and protective gear they can purchase for that round. 

CS:GOThe economy system in CS:GO gives players a certain amount of cash at the start of each round to use on weapons and items.

How this would play out in Apex Legends

While Shroud didn’t elaborate much in his description, what he said essentially would mean that players would have an amount of currency at the start of each match that would be dependent on how they did in the previous match, such as placement, eliminations totals, revives, etc…

The more currency a player would have at the start of the round, the better weapons and items the would be able to gain access to during the course of the match.


According to Shroud, this system would be designed more for “pro matches,” which means it could have been an idea Respawn had for a ranked mode rather than just casual play.

Regardless, the addition of such a feature would have been a totally new concept in battle royale, and it would have been interesting to see how effectively it worked.