Neymar clutches 1v4 on route to beating Gabriel Jesus in CS:GO showmatch - Dexerto

Neymar clutches 1v4 on route to beating Gabriel Jesus in CS:GO showmatch

Published: 16/Apr/2019 10:26

by Connor Bennett


Brazilian soccer star Neymar Jr. has once again displayed his clearly impressive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skills, with an incredible 1v4 clutch play.

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Neymar’s history with CS:GO

The Paris Saint-Germain superstar has made no secret about his love for CS:GO – using the ‘flashbang dance’ to celebrate one of his World Cup goal’s while also getting Brazilian teams MIBR and Furia on social media.

Neymar has linked up with players from both teams in the past and held his own in-games but, on April 15, he had been bidding to take on Furia after seeing off fellow soccer stars like Gabriel Jesus, Artur, and Nene.


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Twitter: FallenCSNeymar has squadded up with legendary AWPer Fallen for games of CS:GO in the past.

Neymar clutches up on Mirage

He has already shown off his impressive clutch ability on Mirage with a 1v5 ace back in February, but with more pressure on the line, Neymar dropped a 1v4 clutch in almost identical fashion.

After planting the bomb on the B bombsite, Neymar quickly repositioned himself into Market, showing patience to let all four players burst past him. Yet they walked right into his trap as he sprayed down two counter-terrorists who had been attempting a defuse.

For his third kill, the forward wiped out Brazilian teammate Gabriel Jesus, and immediately tried to, once again, secure a cheeky knife kill to finish off his clutch. While he did secure a thirteenth round for his team, the forward was unable to bag the knife – instead, settling for one hit and a bomb explosion to end the round.


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Thanks to that clutch, Neymar’s team went on to secure the game and progress on to play Furia in a one-map match on Inferno.

However, despite his skills, the PSG superstar was no match for Furia as the professional team waltzed their way to a clean 16-0 win in the finals – with Yuri ‘yuurih’ Santos securing their own knife kill on him in the first-half.

MIBR Neymar incoming?

Even if there is a Brazilian roster shuffle anytime soon, Neymar can probably count himself out of the running for a roster spot now after getting waxed by Furia.

He may not have been considering swapping the soccer pitch for the virtual battlefield of CS:GO anytime soon, but any dreams he may have had of winning a Major can safely be consigned to the trash.