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k0nfig reportedly set to join Astralis CS:GO squad from Complexity

Published: 17/Sep/2021 20:57

by Bill Cooney


A new report claims that Counter-Strike pro Kristian ‘k0nfig’ Wienecke could be joining Astralis after his contract with Complexity ends.

k0nfig hasn’t played in a competitive CSGO match with Complexity since breaking his wrist in a freak accident in August 2021. Now, according to a new report from jaxon.gg, the Danish pro could be on a new team fairly soon.

That team would be Astralis. According to jaxon, “multiple sources” told the site that k0nfig could be close to trading in his blue star in for a red one.

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Could konfig’s stand-in coldzera be more than a temporary replacement for Complexity?

When k0nfig was injured, Complexity quickly brought in coldzera to serve as a stand-in until the 24-year-old was ready to roll again. Now, according to this new report, it seems that the Brazilian might be more than just a stand-in.


k0nfig definitely experienced a resurgence on Complexity, and the rifler’s skills would certainly be welcome on Astralis, but the lynchpin to this whole story is the fact his contract is reportedly set to expire in the near future.

According to jaxon, multiple sources confirmed to them that the Danish pro’s contract with Complexity expires on January 1, 2022. This might seem like a long time off, but keep in mind k0nfig also has that wrist injury to rehab from before he can come back fully.

This timing could make for a very lucrative deal — for both sides. Astralis would be able to sign k0nfig when he’s all healed up without buying out his contract, and Complexity could get plenty of playing and practice with coldzera in his spot in the meantime.


Astralis, Complexity, and k0nfig all have yet to comment on jaxon’s report, and we might not hear anything until the official announcement — if the deal ever happens, that is.

Wienecke seems intent on coming back from this wrist injury guns a blazing, but the question of which team he’ll be competing for suddenly just got a whole lot more interesting.