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FaZe Clan wins IEM New York EU: Results & final placements

Published: 11/Oct/2020 19:57

by Bill Cooney


FaZe Clan put on a dominant performance to wrap up their IEM New York 2020 run, walking away with first place, a $70,000 purse, and bragging rights – for the time being.

Even though there were no crowds or in-person events for one of the premier events on the CS:GO calendar, there was plenty of action through every stage of the competition.

It certainly didn’t look like FaZe would blow through the playoffs as they did following the group stage. They did go 2-1, but OG and Team Vitality both looked capable of putting up a fight as well.

When we finally did get to the playoffs, it was all red and black from there. A 2-0 smackdown of Vitality would lead to a Grand Finals rematch with OG, which FaZe would easily win 3-0.


IEM New York 2020 Final Placements


1. FaZe Clan $70,000
2. OG $30,000
3. Team Vitality $12,000
4. Fnatic $12,000
5. Complexity Gaming $5,000
6. BIG $5,000
7. G2 Esports $3,000
8. Heroic $3,000

North America

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