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FalleN joins Team Liquid CSGO squad to replace Twistzz

Published: 9/Jan/2021 18:00

by Andrew Amos


Team Liquid have finally announced Brazilian legend Gabriel ‘FalleN’ Toledo is joining their CS:GO roster as the squad looks to rebuild after Russell ‘Twistzz’ Van Dulken announced he was taking a step back.

Weeks of speculation can now be put to bed. Former MIBR star and two-time Major winner FalleN is locked in to join Team Liquid as the North American organization looks to rebuild for 2021.

After taking a step back from his duties at MIBR over a dispute following the removal of Epitacio ‘TACO’ de Melo and Fernando ‘fer’ Alvarenga in September 2020, FalleN is set to take to the server for the first time in almost six months under the Liquid banner.


FalleN’s move to Liquid has been teased since December 2020. Twistzz shocked fans after stepping down from the roster after the IEM Global Challenge, where he said he was looking to move to Europe.

“I hope that I’m back next year in a new home. […] It was a mutual decision after looking over a couple of things, and I think it’s for the best for both sides,” he said, live on stream in the post-game interview after Liquid’s 0-3 loss to Astralis in the Grand Final.

Twistzz playing CS:GO for Team Liquid
Twistzz is looking to play in Europe while Liquid is settling back down in North America.

FalleN brings a different set of skills to Liquid. Known for his AWPing and in-game leading, it’s drastically different from Twistzz’ meticulous rifling. With Jacky ‘Stewie2k’ Yip currently handling the IGLing, FalleN might be able to take the load off his former MIBR teammate’s shoulders.


He will also be able to pick up the AWP in Nick ‘nitr0’ Canella’s absence, helping free up the squad.

Team Liquid’s first outing with fallen will be at the BLAST Premier Global Final on January 19 ⁠— the start of a busy three-month schedule.