Dr Disrespect explains why CS:GO should have a $30m tournament, not Fortnite – Dexerto

Dr Disrespect explains why CS:GO should have a $30m tournament, not Fortnite

Published: 27/Jul/2019 11:24

by Connor Bennett


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive should be the game to have $30 million prize pool – and not the Fortnite Battle Royale players in the world against each other for a slice of an insane prize pool.

Just qualifying for the huge tournament guaranteed players $50,000, but winning the solo portion of the event will net one player a life-changing $3 million, with the top four players all becoming millionaires.

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G FUELThe Doc, one of Twitch’s top streamers, has never been quiet in his criticism of anything.

Considering Fortnite is such a new esport, and battle royale’s RNG (random number generator) factor makes it arguably less competitive, it has drawn plenty of criticism – especially when compared to long-standing games like CS:GO and Dota 2.

During his July 26 stream, Dr Disrespect weighed in on the debate in the most Dr Disrespect fashion possible. After finishing up his lengthy intro, The Doc sat and addressed fans about what was coming in the stream – before giving his less than supportive opinion on the Fortnite World Cup.

After labeling the pro-am competitors as nobody he had ever heard of, the streamer continued on. “Phony, fake belief, manufactured popularity – all that shit makes me sick to my stomach,” he stated. “Imagine Counter-Strike putting on a $30 million dollar tournament. Now you’re talking real, now you’re talking stakes – now you’re talking entertainment. Now you’re talking true, pro gaming at its finest.”

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Of course, the Two-Time has never been one to keep his opinion to himself, and even took his criticism of the World Cup to Twitter.

After fellow streamer Jack ‘Courage’ Dunlop tweeted out a photo of himself at the event, Dr Disrespect turned his attention to the attendance of viewers – stating it was smaller than an eighth-grade basketball game.

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While he didn’t reference Counter-Strike any further, The Doc clearly feels that the near two-decade-old esport title deserves a bit more than Fortnite. Valve’s other major competitive game, Dota 2, knocked the World Cup off its prize pool perch as fans raised over $30 million

Yet, that hasn’t quite caught the attention of Fortnite considering the MOBA is an established competitive scene and the battle royale has taken the gaming world by storm since its 2017 release.