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DeKay CS:GO Mailbag: Flusha’s plans, Olofmeister’s future, franchising and more (Part 3)

Published: 31/Jul/2019 16:42 Updated: 31/Jul/2019 18:09

by Jarek "DeKay" Lewis


As we await the start of the StarLadder Berlin Major Qualifier next month, players are AFK and spending some time out of the server for once. That doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to discuss in the world of competitive Counter-Strike though.

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In the third and final part of this month’s DeKay Mailbag you will read answers to questions about a number of teams and players, including Wardell, FaZe Clan, Ninjas in Pyjamas, and more. 

Check out Part 1 and Part 2 of DeKay’s monthly Mailbag if you missed them.

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DreamHackTeam Liquid: the ‘dream’ NA lineup?

A Swedish shuffle and dream NA lineup?

I’ve answered a good amount about the Swedes in the past two parts of the mailbag, so I suggest checking those out. At this point, it is still a bit too early to know what will happen just because we are still pretty far from the Major at this point. 


My dream North American lineup at this point in time is Team Liquid, of course. There is nothing I can suggest that would make them even better, they have it all. 

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ESLColdzera has been rumored as a target for FaZe Clan, since benching himself on MiBR.

Coldzera as FaZe Clan’s IGL?

If that were to happen, I assume that NiKo would in-game lead once again or at the most it being a tag team effort depending on which side they are playing. I don’t like the idea of either of them in-game leading but if I had to choose between the two, I’d choose to have NiKo do it because at least he has a good amount of experience with it.


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A CS:GO franchised league?

No talks that I’ve ever been aware of. I don’t know who made that rumor up and I have always said that real talk of it has never existed to my knowledge. If it is being discussed, it’s being kept extremely quiet. I don’t think so though. 

D0cC’s prospects?

I’ve never heard his name mentioned ever, when it comes to team and roster dynamics. When I look at his performances in qualifiers, I don’t see anything special. That’s probably why no one considers picking him up, he needs to improve to have a shot with a team. 


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WESGFlusha is poised to make a comeback after the StarLadder Berlin Major.

What’s going on with Flusha?

Flusha has been playing CS again for a little while now and seems poised for a return. The only two places I see as a realistic landing spot for him are Fnatic and FaZe Clan. Like I mentioned in Part 1, I expect him to join Fnatic. He is a valuable asset and a former teammate for some of the core guys of that team. It just makes sense.

DreamhackWardell’s high buyout on Ghost could be a roadblock.

Where’s Wardell going?

Nowhere for as long as he is on the Ghost bench. His buyout is really high due to the long contract he signed. Someone will have to get really desperate to get him and the word is that he is a tough player to play on a team with. That kind of talk gets around. 


Will f0rest ever retire?

f0rest is the type of dude to play until he is 40 years old just because it’s easy for him. On a real note, I have no idea. People talk all the time about how players getting up there in age “aren’t the player they used to be” but we just never say that about him. 

He is consistently one of the better NiP players and is often a catalyst in many of their victories if you watch them back. It will probably come down to a feeling thing, he’ll hang it up when he doesn’t feel like playing anymore. 


How will NiP replace the irreplaceable GeT_RiGhT?

NiP replacements for Get_RiGhT?

From what I’ve gathered the first step is seeing how they like Golden as in-game leader, since his time with the team is a pseudo-trial period. Depending on how that works out, will kind of lead them to the next step or not. If they keep him, they’d have to replace someone else to get an actual AWPer in the team. My guess would be that if they keep Golden, f0rest would do it again.

One final note: I don’t actually know if GeT_RiGhT is leaving after the Major, I’m just assuming that is what the scenario is here.

A ‘BIG’ clear out?

From what I’ve gathered they are just replacing gob b and denis like my report said. Two players is a pretty big move and the team will definitely look different. The issue for them is that they do not have two rock solid replacements. They are looking towards bringing smooya back but he doesn’t want to be there. If he finds someone willing to buy him out, then I imagine he leaves ASAP. Nex won’t be a permanent addition either if he comes in, so the future looks a little bleak if I’m honest.

G2 players under pressure?

Yes, I think they will consider change if they don’t perform as well as they would like at the Major. I don’t have fine details for you but that’s the vibe I get from people I’ve talked to.

Is ESL’s Michael Blicharz hinting at a Vancouver event?

IEM Vancouver: bait or real?

No insight on that just yet, but I sure as hell hope it wasn’t just bait. 

Coldzera offers?

FaZe in one way or another inquired on coldzera, but maybe not officially from organization to organization. Trust me, they know how much his buyout is. Other than that I’m not aware of anyone who has showed interest in him. The real question becomes who will ask after the Major, because that is the best chance he has at someone coming to get him. Otherwise, it will be a long time on the bench.

How common are appearance fees?

Extremely common. I believe teams have been doing this for a while now. I’m not too up to date on how much teams are asking though.

New organizations entering top tier CS:GO?

I haven’t heard of any new names really. That’s not anything to worry about though. New organizations show up quickly and act quickly, so I rarely get much notice anyway.

MLGMLG’s 2016 Major is remembered fondly by CS:GO fans.

MLG to host a CS:GO event?

I personally don’t think so. They have said that it’s not off the table, but I just don’t see it happening. I hope I’m wrong.

Where is coldzera going to end up?

On the bench.

ESLCould Olofmeister be considering a FaZe exit?

Olofmeister leaving FaZe Clan?

I don’t have any information for what his plans are, but I could see a world in which he returns to Sweden in one way or the other before too long. I’ll be keeping an eye on it.

What’s next for JDM?

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Nothing to share unfortunately. It seems many teams are choosing to go the younger route, which you can’t really blame. He is a free agent and can do good things for a handful of North American teams IMO so I expect someone to give him a call eventually.

FaZe Clan to eventually leave CS:GO?

That is what I have been predicting for a while yes. It would be smarter for them to sell some of their players off prior to that though. The rumor was that they had three year contracts, so that puts many of them under contract well into 2020 if true. I don’t expect them to make a splash of any significance if and when they replace NEO. 

Dark horses at the Major?

My prediction is North. I wrote about it recently.

Do Vitality need a change?

I think it would be a bit too early to make a move like that, but it’s not the worst idea. I just don’t see who is a prime candidate that gives them the best chance to fix the holes in their game. It is tough making a move when you are ranked second in the world, it could wreck your synergy and have you tumbling down the rankings.

Gob b is set to leave BIG – but where to?

Where next for gob b after BIG?

I haven’t heard anyone being interested yet, it’s still too early.

Can ForZe go to the next level?

They still have to prove themselves, I want to see what they can do on LAN against some tougher teams. ECS doesn’t really matter to me because it’s online.

Would swag and steel be top 10?

It won’t ever happen. If it did, steel is one of the top minds in the game and could lead many teams into the top ten rankings. Swag doesn’t strike me as the player he once was though. He could be a good asset to a North American team, but that’s it IMO.

What’s the appeal of Formula 1?

If you have some time, watch the 2012 season online somewhere or watch the last race that just happened in Germany. That is why we all watch. You have to take the good with the bad in a sport that is so driven by money, rather than pure skill and talent. My fascination is rooted with being a racing driver as a kid and growing up in a racing family. I like watching the best in the world doing something I enjoy doing myself, just like Counter-Strike.