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CSGO: s1mple outsmarts enemy team with incredibly sneaky clutch

Published: 18/Sep/2019 14:35 Updated: 18/Sep/2019 14:47

by Kamil Malinowski


Oleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev got one over on his Counter-Strike: Global Offensive opponents with a sneaky clutch in a Faceit Pro League match. 

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Simple is widely regarded as one of the best CSGO players in the world. He currently represents Natus Vincere and has been playing at the highest level since 2014.

The pro player occasionally gives fans peek into his practice when he streams his Faceit Pro League matches, and showed off some of his skills with an insane clutch during his latest stream.

ESLS1mple currently represents Natus Vincere in CSGO.
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The Ukrainian was streaming on September 17, playing a FPL match against other professional players. He stood out from the rest as he managed to amazingly take down multiple opponents to secure his team a round.


S1mple was on the Terrorist side of Train with his team struggling to get any rounds on the board. It was down to a 2v3 and he managed to secure a precise headshot just a second before his teammate died, leaving him in a tough 1v2.

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The Na`Vi star lurked around the A-bomb site looking for the last two Counter-Terrorists. He managed to sneak behind the first and executed him with an instant headshot, then swung around the back of the site looking to close out the round.

Once again he was able to get the drop on his opponent and instantly eliminate them, securing a key round for his struggling team while showing off his game sense and tactical play.


StarLadderS1mple is widely considered to be one of the best players in the world.
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S1mple is likely to continue streaming his practice as he won’t be in competitive action until October 1, when his team takes on some of the best in the world at DreamHack Masters Malmo.

However, with Danylo ‘Zeus’ Teslenko retiring and Na`Vi changing leadership, Oleksandr’s next competitive match could see the star player taking on some new roles and maybe even playing a completely different style of Counter-Strike.