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CSGO pro’s technical troubles in ESL actually helps win a round

Published: 24/Aug/2021 19:24

by Shay Robson


In a best-of-three during ESL Pro League Season 14, Almaz ‘almazer’ Asadullin from forZe experienced tech issues mid-round, making for a hilarious moment that caught the enemy team off-guard.

While playing a best-of-three in ESL Pro League Season 14, one of CS:GO’s biggest events, one thing you don’t expect or want to happen is to experience some technical issues.

With 24 top-tier teams from around the world fighting it out for $750,000, every round counts, and being at a disadvantage due to a technical issue would be infuriating, but what if the issue actually helped your cause?

That’s exactly what happened to almazer from forZe in a best-of-three against OG Esports when his screen froze mid-round, ultimately perplexing OG in the process.


almazer joined forZe’s CS:GO roster in 2017.

In the first map of a close best-of-three against OG, forZe found themselves in a difficult situation, as in the final round of the first half, almazer’s screen froze, but he somehow still had control of what he was doing. At this point, viewers thought that he’d be completely useless for the round, as forZe were unable to call a timeout to fix the issue due to ESL’s rules.

The round continued, but in fact, OG was in a weird position, as they didn’t know what to make of the strange situation. almazer began running through the site as a distraction, looking like he was playing on a console and his controller had died, spraying and looking at the sky.


The distraction allowed forZe to wipe out OG and win the round, making it a hilarious situation to go down in the CS:GO history books.

Casters immediately thought that it was just a simple mouse malfunction, but it turns out it was his screen that froze, as revealed by forZe’s IGL, Andrey ‘Jerry’ Mekhryakov, on Twitter.

Even with technical difficulties, forZe went on to win the map by a pretty convincing 16-8 scoreline, stating their case as a top-tier CS:GO team.