CS:GO pro hits out at eUnited over roster drama - Dexerto

CS:GO pro hits out at eUnited over roster drama

Published: 2/Nov/2018 0:25 Updated: 2/Nov/2018 0:46

by Bill Cooney


Professional Counter-Strike player Ryan ‘freakazoid’ Abadir ripped esports organization eUnited on stream calling them “snakes” for questionable recruitment practices.

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The pro Counterstrike player was on stream discussing the situation between him, his brother Austin ‘Cooper-‘ Abadir and eUnited. 

Freakazoid called out eUnited for hurting the relationship between him and his brother, saying “eUnited, fuck you too, you guys are pieces of shit.”

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“You know what me and brother were trying to do this entire time,” Freakazoid said, referencing eUnited. “Fuck you guys, next time don’t fucking do that shit. You have to bullshit all these contracts? Send him the good one first!”


“Treat him like a good player, this wouldn’t have been an issue, fuck you,” Freakazoid rages at the screen.

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The drama comes from eUnited offering Cooper- a contract, causing him to leave the team he was on with his brother, Freakazoid.

Their team was in the midst of an incredible run in the Mountain Dew Pro League, with a good shot at making it into the next season of the ESL Pro League. 

With Cooper- taking eUnited’s deal, though, the future of that team is now in jeopardy, which is what led Freakazoid to go on this lengthy rant. 


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In the end, Freakazoid puts all the blame on eUnited, “You knew what we were trying to do, but you do that shit, you snakes, you guys are motherfucking snakes man.”

eUnited have since been in talks with Freakazoid’s team and will be loaning Brandon ‘Ace’ Winn to them for the remainder of the MDL season.