CS:GO pro DickStacy gives hilariously explicit interview at StarLadder Asia Minor - Dexerto

CS:GO pro DickStacy gives hilariously explicit interview at StarLadder Asia Minor

Published: 28/Jul/2019 16:19

by Daniel Cleary


Popular CS:GO pro Oliver ‘DickStacy’ Tierney did not hold back his feelings in a post game interview after winning the StarLadder Asia Minor.

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The StarLadder Asia Minor was one of the more important tournaments for teams in the region, as the top two teams at the event would book their place to the Berlin Major Qualifier on August 23 alongside the likes of Vitality and G2 Esports.

The Winner’s finals of the Minor saw TYLOO and Greyhound Gaming go all the way to double overtime in the final map of the intense series to see which team would be the first to qualify.


Grayhound TwitterGrayhound Gaming managed to come way with the win at the Asia Minor Championship in Berlin.
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The Australian squad, Grayhound Gaming, eventually managed to come out on top in the series, off the back of an incredible performance from Liam ‘malta’ Schembri, who picked up 45 kills in the final map.

The Grayhound players were clearly relieved to have come away with the win, especially fan favorite CS:GO star DickStacy, who was more than impressed with his teammates MVP performance.

“Ah Malta, he did it all. I just want to suck his dick tonight. That’s what I want to do” He expressed, catching everyone off guard before turning to Malta, “You’re so fucking hot.”


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The popular CS:GO pro is no stranger to entertaining fans with some of his explicit outbursts in many of his previous interviews at tournaments.

DickStacy is also known for his incredible attempts at trying to get Valve to add a hilarious NSFW sticker added to the game for the previous major, which unfortunately did not go the way he wanted.

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The Australian star may have another chance to submit a funny sticker, however, as he and his Grayhound teammates have now earned their spot for the Main Qualifier at StarLadder’s Berlin Major 2019 in August.


DickStacy, who takes inspiration for his name from former CoD pro Ricky ‘Ricky’ Stacy, will hopefully be in fine form for any interviews he participates in at the Major too.