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IEM Katowice CSGO Play In Preview with Richard Lewis & Maniac

Published: 15/Feb/2021 18:20 Updated: 16/Feb/2021 15:39

by Ava Thompson-Powell


IEM Katowice’s Play In stage is right around the corner. Eight teams are looking to book their spot in the Group Stage, but just who’s primed to make it?

Richard Lewis​ and Mathieu ‘Maniac’ Quiquerez discuss whether a revitalized Ninjas in Pyjamas will be able to handle an in-form Complexity, who recently welcomed marksman Valentin ‘poizon’ Vasilev back into the fold.

The pair also look at whether Cloud9’s Colossus can handle the pace of Team Spirit, and if Gambit can grab the bull by the horns and prove their worth when it matters the most.

After BIG’s stand-out BLAST performance at defeating their group, the team could be set to have a strong showing in the Play-In, and both Lewis and Maniac believe that they always come to a match fully prepared. Contrarily, though, Maniac does feel that despite how prepared they are, when looking at results such as their loss against Spirit, hindrances could come into play.

Finally, the duo breaks down the match-up between Team Liquid and MIBR. While Liquid’s recent performance against FaZe was show-stoppingly dire, both believe that they’re still very likely to pull a win out of the bag in this match-up, with Maniac believing that MIBR just isn’t at the same level right now.

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