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Cloud9's TenZ demolishes CS:GO Aim Challenge world record

Published: 26/Jul/2019 8:57

by Connor Bennett


CS:GO’s Betway Aim Challenge with an absolutely insane run. 

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TenZ, an 18-year-old from Canada, joined Cloud9’s revamped squad back in July after the traditional North American standard-bearer failed to make the StarLadder America’s Minor. 

For the past year, the 18-year-old has been touted as one of the rising stars in the competitive scene – lending a helping hand to teams in online tournaments and wrecking opponents with his ridiculous skill. While his Cloud9 LAN debut pitted him against some of the best teams in the world, the Canadian held his own but with the player break now upon him, he’s not sitting idly and wasting his time. Instead, TenZ is breaking records. 


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Cloud9Cloud9’s revamped roster will be looking to put themselves back amongst the top CS:GO teams.

During his July 25 stream, TenZ had been bouncing from match to match in the Faceit Pro League, taking on his fellow North American players but missed out on one queue for the next set of games. 

While streamers may jump into matchmaking or even finish up their broadcast, the Candian opted to keep his aim warm with the Aim Challenge map. After viewers started discussing if he could beat the current world record, the Cloud9 pro stepped things up a notch and inched closer and closer to claiming the record for himself. After nearly 20 minutes of trying, he had it in the bag with a time of 28.165 seconds.


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Despite posting an insane time, TenZ didn’t quit out and look for something else to do. Instead, he tried to break his own record with an even quicker pace.

After a few attempts, it became clear that he was going to struggle to do so, and so he turned to having more fun with his chances – as he tried to time out his shots to music, even though that went horribly wrong from the start.

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While the 18-year-old may have wowed fans with his aim challenge run, they’ll be hoping that he can wow them in tournament action as Cloud9 will look to reclaim a spot amongst the CS:GO elite squads.