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Can Karrigan’s Mouz Stop ZywOo @ BLAST Fall Finals?

Published: 8/Dec/2020 22:39 Updated: 10/Dec/2020 10:21

by Bill Cooney


The upcoming week of BLAST Fall Finals matches promises action and intriguing storylines aplenty as teams vie for a spot in the Grand Finals and the biggest share of the $425,000 pot.

Mouse knew they were in for a tough one in the first match of the Quarterfinals, taking on a Team Vitality that was the overall favorite in the tournament, so far. Karrigan had a pretty good idea of what to expect from them — but stopping it proved to be another matter entirely.

The French team is doing pretty well for themselves lately, having already qualified for January’s Global Finals, before taking down mousesports 2-0 to start the week off. They’ll face the winner of Astralis v. NaVi, the latter of whom have already qualified for next year’s Globals as well.


From the other side of the Atlantic, Furia has impressed so far with an aggressive playstyle that’s caught some teams off-guard. But they’ll be looking to correct the little mistakes when they face G2, which have been what’s hindered Furia in the competition so far.

OG vs. BIG should also be one to watch, with Aleksib and co. going from simply dismantling teams, to what seems like the complete opposite at the drop of a hat.

We’ll find out which teams manage to end the year off on a high note, and if Furia ever decides to play it a little safer, when the BLAST Fall Finals wrap up on December 13.