"Blatant" CS:GO cheater accused of hacking again as Twitch clips pile up - Dexerto

“Blatant” CS:GO cheater accused of hacking again as Twitch clips pile up

Published: 22/Jul/2019 10:50 Updated: 22/Jul/2019 15:54

by Kamil Malinowski


Brazilian Counter-Strike: Global Offensive streamer JulioOo_BR has been accused of cheating once again, just a few months after he was banned for using cheats on stream.

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JulioOo_BR was caught using Counter-Strike during a live broadcast in February, and was subsequently banned by Twitch for a week. 

The Brazilian was streaming CS:GO gameplay with an overlay which showed the positions of enemy players, alongside the weapon they were using, with many believing his first ban was well deserved.

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Julio0o_BR has since returned to streaming on Twitch and has been accused of again using cheats, with multiple clips of his suspicious gameplay being collected in a Reddit thread. 


In one of the clips, JulioOo takes down an opponent with incredible accuracy, and then shortly after he stops moving, his mouse appears over the game screen begins to click in certain spots over the game, with members of the Reddit thread believing that he was configuring some sort of invisible overlay.

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Another clip showed the Brazilian attempting to use another cheat known as a “skin-changer”, which can be used to change the appearance of weapons in the game. 

Unfortunately for JulioOo, his skin-changer seemed to be malfunctioning, and when he opened his console, he was met with multiple lines of an error “Failed to set custom material for knife_m9_bay”, which only appears in competitive matches when a skin-changer is being used. 


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The community has been less than impressed with his stream, calling him “a dang bot” and claiming that he “went full blatant after turning off the stream” 

Other players are sick of his behavior and have began to kick him from their games, but it is not too long before he is able to join a different game and continue using his cheats. 

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He has not yet been banned by Twitch or Valve, but as more and more evidence piles up, it seems likely that he will once again face the wrath of the streaming platform. 


We’ll be sure to update this post as more information becomes available.