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Who has qualified for the BLAST Premier World Final 2021?

Published: 2/Oct/2021 15:45 Updated: 2/Oct/2021 17:54

by Andrew Amos


The BLAST Premier World Final has quickly become one of the biggest CS:GO events on the calendar. Here’s what we know about 2021’s rendition, including the teams who have qualified so far and when it’s expected to take place.

The BLAST Premier World Final is returning in 2021 after a successful first run of the circuit in 2020. With $1 million up for grabs, and a strict invite making sure only the best of the best attend, it’s Counter-Strike at its finest.

The event is coming up fast though, and the first teams are already starting to qualify through the Spring and Fall events.


When is the BLAST Premier World Final 2021?

The BLAST Premier World Final for 2021 is locked in for December 14 to 19. It’s set to be held on LAN, and with crowds going back to CS:GO events across Europe, you can expect some raucous applause for the action on stage.

The location for the final is yet to be determined.

Natus Vincere CS:GO s1mple Flamie DreamHack
Natus Vincere won the BLAST Premier Global Final in 2020.

BLAST Premier World Final 2021: teams

Eight teams will qualify for the double elimination finals through a variety of different events. There’s invite slots for the winners of the BLAST Spring and Fall Finals, as well as ESL Pro League Season 13, Season 14, and the PGL Stockholm Major.

The final three teams will be drawn from the BLAST Global Leaderboard, with teams accruing points across the year based on their performance in certain ESL and BLAST events.


You can find the full list of teams qualified here, as well as the current Global Leaderboard standings after the Spring Finals.

Qualified Teams

Team Players Qualified From
Gambit Esports nafany, sh1ro, interz, Ax1Le, Hobbit BLAST Spring Finals
Heroic stavn, cadiaN, TeSeS, refrezh, sjuush ESL Pro League Season 13
Natus Vincere s1mple, electronic, Boombl4, Perfecto, b1t ESL Pro League Season 14
TBD TBD PGL Stockholm Major
TBD TBD BLAST Global Leaderboard
TBD TBD BLAST Global Leaderboard
TBD TBD BLAST Global Leaderboard

BLAST Global Leaderboard

Green = Already qualified through other events. Yellow = Can qualify through Global Leaderboard. Red = Missed qualification.

Ranking Team Points
1 Gambit Esports 12900
2 Natus Vincere 11600
3 G2 Esports 6550
4 Ninjas in Pyjamas 4687
5 Heroic 4500
6 Team Vitality 4150
7 Complexity 3200
8 Astralis 3150
9 BIG 3100
10 OG 3062