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WWE’s Naomi pulls off accidental Overwatch Lucio cosplay with new ring gear

Published: 18/Oct/2021 22:26

by David Purcell


WWE superstar Naomi is known for stealing the spotlight with her ring gear and she’s pulled it out the bag once again, this time with an Overwatch cosplay of Lucio that might not even be intentional. 

As one of the main members of the women’s division in World Wrestling Entertainment, Naomi – real name Trinity Fatu – is know for her ‘Feel the Glow’ entrance.

Using bright lights in a dark setting, her walk to the ring is usually one of the most eye-catching of the night. At one time, she famously got in trouble for decorating her Women’s Championship with custom bright lights, showing that sometimes she’s willing to take a risk to make a moment memorable for fans.


Well, for Overwatch fans watching her in action, they would have been delighted to spot a possible reference to one of the game’s most popular heroes on October 15.

WWE superstar Naomi pulls off… Overwatch Lucio cosplay?

Blizzard Entertainment
Lucio’s clothing is strikingly similar, in color and style, to Naomi’s.

During a Smackdown bout with Sonya Deville, a fellow star of WWE’s Total Divas TV series, Naomi came to the ring with a fresh look.

Sporting a new set of green and glowing oversized goggles, matched with her hair tied up, she’s pulled off a lot of the different elements Lucio has built into his attire.

So, fans have concluded that – unless she confirms otherwise – it’s an accidental cosplay!


The WWE Universe lapped up the new ring gear, too.

In the comments, one posted: “The gear is amazing!” Another replied: “Omg her gear looks GOOD.”

Fans chime in

Others made the connection between her costume and Lucio!

One said: “Why is she dressed as Lucio from Overwatch?”

Another simply responded with a screenshot of Lucio.

This wouldn’t be the first time members of the locker room have tried to cosplay as video game characters, of course. Zelina Vega pulled off an impressive Ahri look from League of Legends, and even Sombra from OW. So, there is a chance that Naomi is jumping on the trend as well with Overwatch’s Lucio.


Whether this is a one-off or something the wrestler plans to continue for her entrances remains to be seen, but it was certainly a nice treat for all fans involved.

In this case, followers of WWE and Overwatch combined!