Viral “cosplay vs character” trend highlights the very best of cosplay - Dexerto

Viral “cosplay vs character” trend highlights the very best of cosplay

Published: 25/Jan/2020 1:46

by Meg Bethany Koepp


The viral “cosplay vs character” trend on Twitter has produced some quality content from some skilled costume artists, and we’ve compiled the best contributions to come out of it.

From the “2009-2019” reflection posts, to “me vs everyone else” and “me at the beginning of the year vs the end” submissions, the versus meme has been around for a long time.

The most recent one surfaced in January 17, and takes a look at cosplayers in comparison to the characters they dress up as, and it’s truly showcased the best of the art form.

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Cosplay versus character

The Twitter trend was started by user sagistellium, as they shared their Maki Harukawa costume from Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony and asked people to quote retweet it with their cosplay comparisons.


Demon Slayer fan matchaomi posted their take on Zenitsu Agatsuma – one of the main protagonists in the anime – and it’s crazy to see just how much they look like the character.

The boy wears a triangle patterned yellow and orange haori in the show, and has striking golden hair due to being struck by lightning during training  – both of which the cosplayer mimics perfectly.

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The Product and Brand Marketing Manager for Watch Dogs, Andrien Gbinigie, shared his Shazam! outfit and it’s insane how much he looks like the real deal.

Not only does he nail the DC hero’s costume down to a tee, but he also stands in his signature pose, making for a truly epic take.


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Well-known cosplayer Katyuskamoonfox decided to take on Lulu from Final Fantasy X for her contribution, and it’s literally a one-for-one replica of the Black Magic user.

She even included the Moogle the character carries around with her, making for one of the best screen-to-real-life comparisons we’ve ever seen.

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Viral Twitter trends like these are truly great for bringing out the best of things, and this cosplay one was definitely no exception to that – it really goes to show how talented the cosplay community can really be.