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Twitch streamer STPeach shows off brilliant Viper Valorant cosplay

Published: 24/Sep/2020 17:45

by Michael Gwilliam


Twitch star STPeach impressed Valorant fans after showing up to her broadcast while dressed as the game’s more poisonous agent, Viper.

The cosplay, which STPeach pulled off perfectly, nails the character’s look to the point where she’d be the talk any sort of comic convention – if they were still going.

For starters, the streamer found the perfect wig to resemble Viper’s flowing hair. Quite a change of pace from her typical blonde look.

Next, she added a gas mask very similar to the one the character from Riot’s tactical FPS uses.

Attire wise, STPeach spared no expense and really captured the green bodysuit’s flare. Everything from the yellow icons to the belt are included in this ensemble.


Best of all, the cosplay even included the agent’s gas canisters and grenades. “I have these!” she told her chat while showing off her abilities.

Once she showed off her outfit for her stream, she posed and in her best Viper impression mimicked the agent’s voice. “Don’t get in my way!” she laughed, getting into character.

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Overall, the whole outfit was really well done. And what’s better than just cosplaying as a Valorant character? Cosplaying as a Valorant character while playing as said character, of course.

While her games didn’t go super well, the streamer did have some moments of greatness along the way.


At one point, already down 0-6 in the half, STPeach helped her team break the shutdown by scoring a nice headshot and activating her Ultimate to ensure the defuse came in.

“Let’s go!” she exclaimed before copying her agent’s voice once more. “Don’t get in my way!”

It’s pretty clear that Viper is easily one of the most popular Valorant agents so far and with Riot planning to release even more, there’s no telling if another character will peak STPeach’s interest enough she’ll be cosplaying as them in the future.