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Pokemon cosplayer lights up the stage as Sword & Shield gym leader Piers

Published: 19/Apr/2021 16:14

by Daniel Megarry


Piers remains a fan favorite gym leader among Pokemon fans, and this cosplayer has expertly captured the Sword & Shield character’s eccentric style.

Every fan of the latest mainline entries into the Pokemon universe, Sword & Shield, will know who Piers is. Aside from being the Dark-type gym leader of Spikemuth and the captain of Team Yell, he’s also one of the most memorable characters in the franchise.

Players love (or love to hate) his gothic fashion sense and how he communicates through the medium of song during battles, and many trainers have tried their best to recreate his signature style with fan art and cosplays.


While it’s certainly not an easy look to imitate compared to some of the more simplistic Pokemon characters, cosplayer Moonllita did an excellent job of bringing the Galar region favorite to life, from the massive hair to the spiked boots.

Pokemon fan pulls off excellent Piers cosplay

Screenshot of Pokemon Sword & Shield Gym Leader Piers.
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Piers is a fan favorite in Pokemon Sword & Shield.

Galar region’s notorious rock icon Piers is well-known for his pink, white, and black wardrobe, and Moonllita did a fantastic job of recreating the outfit. But the best part is without a doubt the raccoon-style hair that defies gravity.

The cosplay went down incredibly well with Pokemon fans on Reddit, who shared their love for the Piers outfit in the comments section.


“I’m literally so shook this is so good,” wrote one trainer, while another added, “I didn’t like Piers as a character in the game, but you killed this cosplay!” A third praised, “Great cosplay of my favorite gym leader.”

My Piers cosplay from Pokemon Sword & Shield from pokemon

The hair, in particular, got a lot of attention from Redditors, with one writing, “This is awesome! Sheesh, that wig is a work of art,” and another asking, “How does that wig even work? It’s amazing.”

While we love seeing cosplays of iconic Pokemon trainers like Misty and Team Rocket’s Jessie, it’s great to see some love for the more recent characters from Sword & Shield like Piers and his younger sister Marnie.