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Overwatch cosplayer zips into battle as DPS hero Tracer

Published: 12/Jan/2021 19:03

by Brent Koepp


An Overwatch cosplayer made waves on social media after transforming into Tracer. The talented artist brought the Blizzard Entertainment mascot to life.

Overwatch made its debut in 2016, and has since grown into one of the most popular online shooters of all time. Players around the world fell in love with its addicting gameplay, and vibrant cast of characters.

To celebrate the hero shooter, a talented cosplayer shared her true-to-life take on Tracer. She looks so much like the game’s mascot, it’s almost as if the heroine has zipped out of the screen.

Screenshot of Overwatch mascot Tracer zipping into battle.
Blizzard Entertainment
The time-skipping hero is a mascot for the 2016 shooter.

Overwatch cosplayer becomes real life Tracer

Ever since its debut in 2016, players have been met with the game’s bubbly mascot, Tracer. The British hero can blink through time and uses pulse pistols. While not the strongest fighter, her incredible speed and ability to reverse time can make her a real nuisance in battles.


Prolific cosplayer Lada Lyumos made waves on Instagram after showcasing her incredible transformation into the Blizzard character. Photographer ‘kmitenkova‘ captured the artist in Tracer’s signature brown Royal Air Force bomber jacket.

Lada posed as the DPS hero, and showed off how faithful her re-creation is to the game. She accurately portrayed the heroine’s giant orange goggles, yellow spandex leggings, as well as the character’s blue chronal accelerator with help from ‘gnilaya_kislota‘.

In another shot, the artist gave viewers a close-up shot of her Overwatch costume. She absolutely nailed the character’s quirky look, including her short wild brown hair which is parted to the right side of her head.  The cosplayer mirrored Tracer’s stance she makes before zipping through time.


Despite releasing back in 2016, Overwatch’s popularity has continued to grow. The hero shooter has not only cultivated a hardcore player-base, but it has even become one of the largest esports in the world.

Fans of the FPS have a lot to be excited for as the title is gearing up for a sequel which features a PVE mode. The expansion will also bring new characters and maps to its multiplayer.