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Overwatch cosplayer lays down the law in brilliant Officer D.Va outfit

Published: 31/Aug/2020 8:46 Updated: 31/Aug/2020 8:47

by Andrew Amos


Russian cosplayer ‘julrever’ has taken the Overwatch fandom by storm with a brilliant rendition of D.Va’s ever-popular Officer skin, decking out in the full MEKA uniform from head to toe.

Officer D.Va is one of the Korean Overwatch star’s most popular skins. First released in 2017 as part of a crossover with Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard’s MOBA franchise, the skin is still used by many today, even if she gets more cosmetics at almost every event.

Its popularity in-game translates to out of the server too. Officer D.Va is one of the most popular Overwatch skins to cosplay, with many before now taking it upon themselves to bring the Korean MEKA pilot to life in full uniform.


Officer D.Va skin in Overwatch
Officer D.Va is one of the Korean MEKA pilot’s most popular skins.

Russian cosplayer ‘julrever’ might not be the first one to do so, but she’s definitely done one of the better ones.

Julrever’s take on the Korean hero is very much true-to-life. The Russian cosplayer managed to manicure the MEKA pilot’s features perfectly, from the blue service uniform, down to the long hair and face paint.

While you can’t see it on the photo she posted to Reddit, on julrever’s Instagram, you can tell she even got the shirt patches down-pat, and even made herself a special MEKA belt.


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She crafted one of D.Va’s hand cannons to go along with the cosplay ⁠— rather fitting considering she’s out of her mech and on the streets. She 3D printed the design, giving her the chance to even work in a proper trigger.


It looks like julrever even managed to hunt down a Junkrat in her time on the Officer D.Va beat. She used one of the Australian maniac’s RIP-tires as a bit of a footstep in posing for her shot.

My Officer D.Va cosplay from r/Overwatch

Julrever doesn’t just do Overwatch cosplays. She has also done Tatsumaki from One Punch Man, Templar Assassin from Dota 2, and Isabelle from Animal Crossing.

However, we personally think her Officer D.Va is one of her best. Although conventions are a distant memory, this would definitely turn heads at any hall.