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Overwatch cosplayer is cute but deadly as fully kitted D.Va

Published: 6/Mar/2021 22:03

by Theo Salaun


The Overwatch and cosplay communities are no stranger to D.Va, or Hana Song, but a cosplayer named ‘nikorucos’ has still done the MEKA pilot and Starcraft gamer absolute justice with a new look.

As far as cosplay inspiration goes, D.Va is an obvious top candidate. A former Korean pro gamer, a pink MEKA pilot and an avid enthusiast for soda and chips, Song is practically an unrivaled juxtaposition of gaming, pop and anime culture.

And, for cosplayers, D.Va also presents a ton of versatility. Like Metroid’s Samus Aran and “Zero Suit Samus,” Song essentially takes on two forms: there’s her MEKA (which is named Tokki) and then there’s the pilot herself, who ejects and becomes a pistol-wielding “Baby D.Va,” as she is affectionately known.


In Niko’s case, she decided it was time to go for what is now a classic cosplay: Baby D.Va, rocking the character’s original colorway, complete with pink makeup, headset, pistol, gloves and, of course, the multicolored body suit.


Originally, Niko intended on delighting fans with an intense Scathach cosplay — referencing a lancer, inspired by Irish mythology, in the anime Fate/Grand Order. But that look can feel a lot harder to pull off since it requires a large red lance and accompanying red hair.

So, instead, Niko opted for D.Va, explaining the thought process behind her decision to switch outfits: “I hated how I look so D.Va will have to do for now, sowwy for the basic cosplay.”


It seems that she has no reason to apologize, as fan comments center around one adjective for this look: “cute.”


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That cuteness, along with gaming inspiration, seems to be a running theme with Niko’s cosplays, as evidenced by her Annie, the Dark Child cosplay from Riot Games’ League of Legends.

While fans of the Fate/Grand Order anime will look forward to the Scathach look, the community devoted to Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch title seems delighted by this D.Va outfit.

And, as a general moral of the story for cosplay enthusiasts, it seems that being “basic” is not a problem as long as you make it cute (and, pistol-in-hand, deadly).