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Overwatch cosplayer drops Brigitte into Diablo’s fiery underworld

Published: 3/Feb/2021 4:36 Updated: 3/Feb/2021 4:53

by Brad Norton


Brigitte has descended into Blizzard’s hellish depths, with popular YouTuber ‘KamuiCosplay’ dropping the Overwatch hero into the realm of Diablo.

Some cosplays are painstaking replications of what we see in our favorite video games. Though others take inspiration from multiple sources and bring the best of a few different worlds together. That’s exactly what KamuiCosplay did with her latest creation that’s taking the internet by storm.

Combining Blizzard titles in a unique manner, she introduced Brigitte to the world of Diablo. Rather than simply changing her color palette or slightly altering the design, KamuiCosplay took on the challenge of inventing something completely original.


What started with a piece of concept art from Zach Fischer was soon fleshed out into a complicated design that only a cosplayer with her degree of experience could ever put together.


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It’s an extraordinary costume that would turn heads at any convention. Not only is the original look something to behold, but the light-up effect flowing throughout adds another level to this demonic cosplay.

From her knees, all the way up to the hairpiece, this version of Brigitte lights up with a dynamic effect. There are “over 1,000 individual LEDs” in total to help bring a unique vibrance that other cosplays simply can’t match.


Overwatch Brigitte cosplay
YouTube: KamuiCosplay
A look at each part of the costume before it’s pulled together.

There is circuitry running through the entire costume to keep it alight. Each section is also animated to give off a more lively feel. As a result, there’s no surprise that it “takes quite some time to connect the armor,” as KamuiCosplay explained.

“Everything has to be put on in the right order or else the costume wouldn’t work.” With more than a dozen pieces to fit in the right places and wires to hide underneath, it’s no small feat putting this Brigitte costume on.

The custom facepaint is arguably the simplest part of the whole design. Yet even her simpler features still have phenomenal attention to detail.


No stone was left unturned bringing Brigitte into the world of Diablo: this custom creation would fit right in if Blizzard ever decided to add some underworld heat to Overwatch with an inter-franchise crossover.