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My Hero Academia cosplayer shows off fiery female Bakugo

Published: 30/Jul/2020 13:27

by Matt Porter


A talented My Hero Academia cosplayer has shown off her special take on Katsuki Bakugo, capturing the hero’s fiery personality with an awesome recreation with a unique female twist. 

My Hero Academia follows the story of Izuku Midoriya, a young man born without superpowers who finds himself enrolled in the country’s premier hero training class after being gifted the legendary quirk ‘One For All’ by his hero and mentor All Might.


Being born with no powers was tough for young Deku, not helped by his classmate and childhood friend Bakugo who would regularly torture him about his dream to become a pro hero.

Disgruntled by Midoriya’s new-found powers, the pair’s rivalry continues throughout the show, and while Katsuki may seem harsh and temperamental, he proves time and again that deep down, his heart is in the right place, battling villains with intense ferocity.

Bakugo in his hero outfit in My Hero Academia.
Crunchyroll / Bones
The ill-tempered Bakugo can create explosions with his sweat.

The bad-tempered teen plays a major part in the overarching story of My Hero Academia, and also possesses one of the most powerful quirks in the series. As volatile as his personality, Bakugo can use his sweat to create massive explosions, and his more than happy to blast evil-doers sky-high the moment he gets the opportunity, making him a surprisingly popular character despite his flaws.


Cosplayer ‘brieyusko‘ is clearly a fan of the character, showing off her female take on the character on Instagram, immediately capturing the imaginations of fans around the world.

Brie’s version sees her donning a blonde wig styled in a similar fashion to Katsuki, with a spiked fringer across her forehead. Her outfit is perfect too, with the same orange staps that play part of Bakugo’s hero costume running across her chest, highlight the black top.

Of course, no cosplay of the fiery hero is complete with his trademark red eyes, and Brie’s are absolutely perfect, capturing the color, and often-times anger, that Bakugo portrays.


My Hero Academia originally made its debut as a manga in 2014, although it truly exploded in popularity with its anime adaption by studio Bones.

Anyone looking to see what all the hype is about can jump into the show right now. All episodes can be watched on streaming services Crunchyroll and Funimation. The show’s fifth season has been confirmed, but likely won’t be released until 2021.