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My Hero Academia cosplayer creates waves as Big 3’s Nejire Hado

Published: 29/Jan/2021 7:57

by Andrew Amos


Cosplayer ‘mangoecos’ has taken on My Hero Academia’s Nejire Hado in style, bringing the kind of energy a member of U.A.’s “Big 3” should have, and it’s making waves within the fandom.

To say My Hero Academia has been a cultural phenomenon at this point might be an understatement. The series has gone viral since its 2016 debut, hooking viewers around the world with its intriguing story into a special high school designed to turn students into superheroes.

One of those students is Nejire Hado. While not the prime focus of the series, she is one of the more inspirational students to look up to. After all, she’s part of the coveted “Big 3,” the group of U.A.’s most talented students.

Bones / Bandai Namco
My Hero Academia is a global hit, and is only becoming more of a cultural phenomenon.

She’s got the potential to become a Top Pro Hero, and she shows it off with her incredible wave manipulation skills. However, she’s more than just a powerful figure in the school ⁠— she’s down-to-earth and thoughtful, helping new students find their feet.

She might not be the most popular character to cosplay from the series, but that hasn’t stopped many like ‘mangoecos’ from trying. The American cosplayer has put her own spin on the eccentric hero, and fans are digging it.

The key to a great Nejiro cosplay is the wig, perfectly styled with the horns, and Mangoe has done that perfectly. She’s also managed to pull off her blue and white jumpsuit, and hasn’t forgot any of the trimmings.


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Nejire isn’t the only character from My Hero Academia Mangoe has cosplayed in the past. She’s also taken on Mt. Lady, and she doesn’t plan on stopping there.

After all, the anime fiend ⁠— who we’ve featured doing Shinobu from Demon Slayer ⁠— has a list “a mile long” to share with her fans in 2021, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store.