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League of Legends cosplayer stops the show as Christmas Sett

Published: 24/Dec/2020 8:00

by Andrew Amos


While it might not be a proper League of Legends skin, popular cosplayer ‘Taryn’ is putting their energy into bringing Christmas Sett to live, giving The Boss a festive tweak ahead of the holiday season.

December often brings a myriad of Christmas-inspired cosplays out of the woodwork. In League of Legends, there’s a collection of Snow Day and other festive skins to pull out. However, some champions are yet to receive the magic of Christmas.

Sett is one of those. The recently-released pit boss is celebrating his first Christmas in the League of Legends universe in 2020, having been added to the game in January this year. He doesn’t have a festive skin yet, but that hasn’t stopped fans from trying.


If there’s one cosplayer that can pull off a Christmas Sett, it’s Taryn. We’ve already featured his previous Sett cosplays, and this latest one is right up there with the best of the best of all League cosplays ⁠— not just Sett ones.


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“I know well what my Sett cosplay means to many of you. I entered so much into this character, I made several versions, official and unofficial and now this,” he told his fans on Instagram.

Taryn’s cosplay looks like it could be added right into League of Legends ⁠— well, that’s if we got a Snowdown event this year, which we didn’t.


Cutting Santa’s suit in half, Taryn rocks the ripped physique we’ve come to expect from the Boss, all while delivering Christmas cheer with presents galore.

The cosplay has, understandably, been a massive hit with fans. It’s garnered over 10,000 likes on Instagram, 3,000 on Twitter, and is going viral on Reddit. It might be Taryn’s last cosplay of 2020, but he’s certainly going out with a bang.

“I want to say a special thank you to my dear Twitch family for making this “prestige” Christmas Skin possible smashing the related goal on Twitch. Your love is my power,” he added.


If Riot were looking for candidates for Christmas skins in 2021, Taryn’s Sett cosplay should be inspiration enough to give the Boss one of his own. The players want Snowdown to return, and this would certainly turn heads.