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League of Legends cosplayer has fans hooked with perfect Thresh outfit

Published: 10/Jan/2021 23:11

by Andrew Amos


It’s hard to imbue the spirit of Thresh on planet Earth. The Shadow Isles spirit and the custodian of many of Runeterra’s souls has a way of torturing their eternal existence. However, one cosplayer has managed to recreate the Chain Warden in the most perfect form possible.

Thresh’s intricate design doesn’t lend itself to being a cosplay favorite. While many people love playing the Chain Warden down in the bot lane in League of Legends, he’s not one to venture outside the bounds of Runeterra.

While many have tried ⁠— and been somewhat successful ⁠— we don’t think there’s been a better design than the one done up by Indonesian cosplayer ‘riancyd’.


Riot Games, Twitch
Riot Games, Twitch
Thresh’s intricate design makes him a cosplayer’s nightmare, unless you’re Rian.

Rian called it their “best costume [from] League of Legends,” and we’d agree. The Indonesian has managed to bring the Chain Warden out of the Shadow Isles, ready to reap souls here on Earth.

They didn’t forget a single detail. Rian curated a sickle and soul lantern for Thresh ⁠— two of his most important props. But looking at the dress from head to toe is perfect. He created a wraith mask to wear to emulate Thresh’s, and the robes are pixel-perfect.

It’s not just the big things either. Small details, like the carvings across Thresh’s boots and sickle are perfectly in place. If you’re a Thresh main, this is one cosplay you’d want to see at a convention.



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The craziest thing? The cosplay isn’t even for Rian. The costume maker is designing the Thresh outfit for someone else as part of a commission. However, that didn’t stop Rian from doing a proportion test before sending it out.

Hopefully, the lucky recipient does put it to use and takes it out in public once conventions start back up again. We will be hunting for them ourselves so we can get a photo with such an amazing cosplay!