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Genshin Impact cosplayer wields Wushu sword as electric Keqing

Published: 13/Mar/2021 18:01

by Georgina Smith


Cosplayer and Twitch streamer Xerenite has done an insanely good job of recreating popular character Keqing from Genshin Impact, perfectly capturing the style of the open-world game.

Genshin Impact received a substantial amount of attention when it was released back in September of 2020, with players flocking to the free-to-play game to see what characters they could get their hands on as part of the gacha mechanic and to explore the stunning open world.

But the miHoYo game wasn’t just popular for a brief amount of time, as to this day there are still plenty of fans who are actively playing it, engaging in the community and eagerly awaiting every new update and character announcement.


Genshin Impact cast of characters
Genshin Impact features a vibrant and lovable cast of characters.

Genshin is well known for its vast selection of characters, each with their own different types of power that are used to fight off enemies. Along with their interesting personalities, the characters also have some stunning outfits, which has naturally given lots of inspiration to the cosplay community.

Cosplayer and Twitch streamer Xerenite was one person who decided to cosplay Keqing, a popular character whose element is Electro.

She did an incredible job with the cosplay. The pastel purple hair is pulled into cones on either side of her head, with a hairpiece clipped into the side.

Her dress is the perfect mix of cool blues and varying shades of purple, intertwined with each other in a range of patterns that look just like the original outfit.


On her hands are Keqing’s gloves, which she uses to hold a sword above her head, in a pose that makes Xerenite look ready for battle.

To finish off the outfit is a stunning makeup look. The winged eyeliner combined with the light pink lipstick really pulls the whole thing together, and make this cosplayer look just like fan-favorite Keqing from head to toe.

Commenters and fans of the game seemed to love this stunning look, and is a great example of some of Xerenite’s amazing work.