Epic Sett cosplay shows why LoL’s new champion is definitely the boss - Dexerto

Epic Sett cosplay shows why LoL’s new champion is definitely the boss

Published: 17/Jan/2020 6:11

by Isaac McIntyre


Argentian cosplay superstar Estanislao ‘dyhzy’ Fernàndez has unveiled one of the very first takes on the newest League of Legends champion, Sett, and his outfit for ‘the Boss’ couldn’t be more on-point.

Sett first stormed onto Summoner’s Rift earlier this week in Patch 10.1, bringing with him new challenges, a mysterious series of objectives on his calling card, and of course the lofty air of bravado that defines LoL’s new aggressive top laner.

There have been plenty of complex champions released recently, so Sett’s simple kit and abilities have been a breath of fresh air for many League players. Alongside his skills, however, came the possibility for plenty of cosplays.


Riot Games
Sett arrived in League of Legends during the game’s most recent update, patch 10.1.

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Sett punches his way into the world of cosplay

Though cosplayers are still setting the rules when it comes to what makes a perfect Sett outfit, there’s one thing that every take on the Boss needs — confidence, and plenty of it, something dyhzy pulls off in style.

For the most part, the Argentian cosplayer got the fighter’s details dead-on. Sett’s flaming red hair stood out as the cosplay centerpiece, while Fernàndez had his purple fur robes draped across his shoulders in a trademark cocky pose.

The smaller details were perfect too. Dyhzy had crafted black and gold gloves to standout, and added steel clasps across his chest and belt. Finally, he added the key extras, including jacked juggernaut’s flaming fist, and his toothpick.


Riot Games
Sett was designed “not to give a f**k,” League’s developers said of the brawler.

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It wasn’t just Sett’s toned physique and brawling gear that dyhzy managed to get right either, as the cosplayer pulled off his mannerism in his Instagram post too.

“When life gives you lemons, punch life in the throat…” Fernàndez said, channeling Sett’s egotistic bravado. “Since Sett was released to the public two days ago, all I could think of was that I have to cosplay this guy right now.”

The Argentinian star also made sure to thank his team, mainly fellow South American cosplayer Belu Everdeen: “Major thanks and shout to Belu. We worked for 10 hours straight to have it finished as soon as possible and it definitely paid off.”


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When life gives you lemons, punch life in the throat ?✊ – Lit since Sett was released to the public 2 days ago all i could think of was “I have to cosplay this guy RIGHT NOW”. Also I’m doing this post in english since lately I’ve gained a lot of followers from other countries, so this is kinda a welcome post ✨ MAJOR thanks and shout out to @belu.everdeen who helped me with most of the making of this entire cosplay. We worked for 10 hours straight to have it finished as soon as possible and it definitely paid off ✨? Hope you like it and leave a comment telling me your fav league of legends champion ? – Sett, “The Boss” – League of Legends ? Cosplay by @belu.everdeen and me ? Hair by @naimadshop ✨ Photo by me ?

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Estanislao, who is relatively famous in Argentina due to being the son of current president Alberto Fernández, doesn’t just do League of Legends cosplays either, and often dabbles in cross-dressing outfits like Overwatch’s D.Va.

While there are some that have attacked dyhzy in the past for his gender-switching designs, his father has always stood by his son, and his cosplays.

“I have pride in my son, how can I not be proud?” the Argentinian president told Reuters in October. “My son is a rights activist in that community. I would worry if my son was a criminal, but he is a great man.”


Dyhzy in car dressed as D'Va
Instagram: dyhzy
Dyhzy has also dabbling in other gaming cosplays like D’Va from Overwatch.

If you’re looking to play Sett now that he’s live on servers with the release of Patch 10.1, make sure you read Dexerto’s champion gameplay guide to point you in the right direction for the best runes, items, tips, and builds.

Players can already change Sett’s style in-game with his Mecha Kingdom variant as well, begging the question: how long until dyhzy, or another cosplayer, delivers their own unique take on the robotic version of the Boss.