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Demon Slayer fan takes control with stunning Spider Mother cosplay

Published: 28/Feb/2021 22:33

by Bill Cooney


One fan of the Demon Slayer anime has come up with a stunning Spider Mother cosplay that is practically the character come to life.

Demon Slayer is set to have a big 2021, with a new movie starting to premiere outside of Japan in February, and an entirely new show coming sometime later on in the year.

With the adventures of Tanjiro and Nezuko continuing, there’s plenty for fans to get excited about – and the way things seem to be going, plenty of great cosplays to look forward to, as well.

The Spider Mother was introduced during the Natagumo Mountain Arc, as a demon who turns fallen enemies into puppets with her webs.


Spider Mother is definitely one of Tanjiro’s more popular foes.

While Tanjiro eventually takes her out, the character’s still a fan-favorite for her unique look, and Russian cosplayer Anna Aifert basically became the demon’s incarnation in the real world right when the movie started to premier outside of Japan.

Piercing ice blue eyes and those distinctive face tattoos do a great job of standing out against the spider-web white skin and hair of the character here.

Combined with the jewelry and blue beads in her hair, this cosplay is probably what the Spider Mother demon would actually look like, if or when Demon Slayer gets a live-action adaptation.



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Sadly, if you live in the states, you’ll have a while longer to wait before you can see the new film, with theatres pushing back screenings due to ongoing global events. Fans in the EU are in a similar boat, with no set release date outside of Switzerland, Germany, or Austria (late March).

Pretty much the only place you can see it right now outside of Japan is in Australia and New Zealand, so consider yourselves lucky, Southern Hemisphere friends. The rest of us will just have to get by on the anime and great cosplays like this until we can join on the fun.